Domestic violence conviction
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What Happens After a Domestic Violence Conviction?

Domestic violence costs in the U.S. amount to $37 billion a year, this is a very serious and pervasive issue. Domestic violence is classified as violent abuse by a partner, roommate, or another domestic resident.

A domestic violence conviction can result in misdemeanor or felony charges.

This conviction comes with some legal restrictions, here is what you should know

Jail Time for Domestic Violence

Convictions of domestic violence may come with fines, probation, or jail time depending on how serious the charge. For example, disorderly conduct is considered a misdemeanor domestic violence charge with a fine of $250 and up to 15 days in jail. Domestic battery jail time would stem from a felony charge, also depending on the assault and battery laws of each state.

A Domestic Violence Conviction Affects Housing

Whether a charge is a domestic violence misdemeanor or felony, judges will often issue an order of protection for the victim. This means that after a domestic violence conviction, the accused can’t communicate with the victim.

The restrictions are different for each case. Most often this means the individual who’s charged must find a new living arrangement.

Having a domestic violence conviction on your permanent record may make it hard to find a new home. Convictions of such serious nature can lead to being refused as a tenet. This serious charge may also affect a person’s immigration status and result in deportation.

Charged With a Crime and Finding a Job

Any job that you apply to requires a background check. Having a misdemeanor domestic assault or felony assault on your record will not cast you in a favorable light to a potential employer. If you are able to get a job with a domestic violence conviction, advancing to leadership roles of any kind will become impossible.

There are also certain fields of work off-limits to those with a domestic violence conviction. Any job that requires working with women or children will most likely be impossible to get with this type of conviction on your record.

Rights After a Domestic Violence Conviction

Living in the United States grants us all certain rights. Domestic violence convictions often take away some of those rights, like the right to own a gun.

Losing your right to gun ownership and being forced to surrender them or sell them can affect your professional life if they are a part of your work. Losing your right to guns can also affect you personally if hunting and spending time at a shooting range are activities you participate in.

Get Informed on Domestic Violence Convictions

A domestic violence conviction is a serious charge to face. It is important to know your rights, the rights you’ll lose, and all the legal restrictions of a domestic violence conviction. Check out some of our other blogs to know what the right legal actions are to take after a domestic violence conviction.

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