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What Does The Massachusetts myRMV do? Registry of Motor Vehicles

The Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles (myRMV) is the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). It is responsible for most driving-related matters in the state of Massachusetts. This includes vehicle registration, licensing, hearings for suspended licenses, and everything in between.

What is myRMV?

Much like every DMV across the nation, the myRMV offices can become crowded and overwhelming for many people. Fortunately, more than 40 online services are available to those that are eligible to save you time as well as potential headaches. Notable services available online include the option to change your listed address, schedule driving testes, license renewal, as well as registration renewal.

Since having the ability to drive is important for so many people, it is imperative that you have an understanding of what the my RMV requires of you to maintain your driving privileges. Learn more about what the Massachusetts MA RMV does below.

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myRMV Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles Online Services

The my RMV offers a bevy of online services in the myRMV Online Service Center. These services are offered to lessen my RMV office congestion, save time, and make it easier to accomplish your motor vehicle needs. It also makes it possible to begin the application process for an identification MA RMV card.

Some Online Services Made Available by the MA RMV include:

  • Application for professional licenses: School bus certificate, inspector license, instructor license, school pupil (7D) certificate, etc.
  • Business services: Insurance services, fleet services, driving school, driver verification system, retrieval of training results (MREP, SCARR, DARC, DSDP), section five services (new dealer, repair, farm, transporter, owner-contractor plates), inspection station services, charitable plate organization, as well as additional services
  • Registration: Renewal, replacement, cancellations, printing, and status checks
  • Driver’s license: Learner’s permit, license renewal, replacement, self-certifying commercial license, adding endorsements to CDL, transfer of out of state license, as well as downgrading to passenger vehicles.
  • Plates: Order special/vanity plates, replace lost or damaged plates, and order disabled parking plates.
  • Applications for ID cards: Real ID, Mass ID, Liquor ID
  • Make payments: Citations, license fees, road test fees, reinstatement fees, EZ pass fees
  • Requesting reports: Public driving records, crash reports
  • Exams: Schedule road test, salvage inspection scheduling
  • Titles: Title your vehicle, replace titles, check title and lienholder status

Driver’s License Renewal and Vehicle Registration

Most Americans have busy lives. So busy that many forget to renew their driver’s license and/or vehicle registration. While general forgetfulness is understandable, the law does not always see it this way. In the state of Massachusetts, driving wit an expired license is a misdemeanor offense.

If you are convicted, potential penalties can include fines, jail time, license suspension, or more. Likewise, driving with expired tags can bring about negative consequences (though it is not a criminal offense). If you allow your tags to expire before renewal, you may have to pay a substantially higher fee to have your car registration renewed.

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Hardship License Applications and Suspension Hearings from MA RMV

In many cases, those that are convicted of a DUI will have their license suspended (potentially for other reasons as well).

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Some that are convicted may be eligible to apply for a restricted license otherwise called a “hardship license.” Drivers that are approved will be granted the ability to drive their vehicles under limited conditions and only to specified places (, work, medical appointments, grocery stores, etc.) as long as certain qualifications are met.

Hardship license applications are considered by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. To receive one, you must prove your eligibility as well as the necessity to drive. Working with an experienced hardship license lawyer will exponentially improve your odds of being approved by car accident lawyers.

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