Law Firm in Hungary
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What Does a Law Firm in Hungary Do?

How does a law firm work in Hungary? What can it do for its clients?

First and foremost, a law firm is an organization that consists of professionals covering different fields of the law in order to serve the needs of other businesses from all kinds of sectors. Certain law firms in Hungary focus their attention on B2B areas. Their primary services center on advising corporations about their legal rights, responsibilities, as well as opportunities. They can also represent them during business transactions, criminal cases, intellectual properties, taxation, real estate law, and virtually any matter where legal advice is needed.

Why Is It Worth It To Hire A Law Firm In Hungary?

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There are many reasons why businesses choose to seek legal advice. This professional law firm in Hungary uses the extensive experience and expertise of its trusted partners to offer guidance in both local and international legal matters. KNP Law is one of the most popular law firms in Budapest, which can be mainly attributed to the extensive professional backgrounds of the lawyers they employ, as well as the many areas their legal services can cover.

This includes:

  • IT law
  • financial, investment, and insurance law
  • legal advice for start-ups, business owners
  •  tax law
  • real estate law
  • pharmaceutical law
  • intellectual property rights
  • agricultural and food industry-related legal matters
  • logistics, transport, and aviation-related legal matters
  • green and renewable energy

Hiring a law firm in Hungary is one of the surest ways for a company to meet current legal requirements in the country: with a varied team of professionals having their back, companies can find new investment opportunities in Central Europe without being swamped by the task of interpreting and anticipating local regulations.

Law Firm In Hungary Welcomes New Colleagues From Overseas

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Adding to their already impressive roster of lawyers versed in a variety of legal areas, KNP Law, a popular law firm in Hungary has welcomed new colleagues that have returned after working in the United States of America.

A lawyer by the name of Csaba Rusznak has returned to the law firm’s Dispute Resolution Practice Group in Hungary after working in Washington at Arnold & Porter, as well as being a law clerk in many courts in Louisiana and West Virginia. Apart from English and Hungarian, he is also fluent in French and Portuguese.

His main areas of expertise are:

  • international commercial and investment arbitration
  • government affairs
  • investment protection and risk management
  • Mediation
  • litigation dispute settlements

Oliver Koppany, another lawyer returning from Washington, D.C. has also started working at this law firm in Hungary as Foreign Legal Counsel. He is a member of the U.S. District of Columbia Bar, as well as a registered Foreign Advisor with the Budapest Bar Association.

Criminal Lawyer

His main areas of expertise are:

  • foreign corrupt practices law
  • pharmaceutical and life sciences law, CEE regulatory approvals
  • foreign direct investments (FDI)
  • international trade and investment law
  • cross-border commercial real estate deals

KNP Law’s firm is located at one of the most beautiful locations of the capital of Hungary, near the Fisherman’s Bastion and the Buda Castle.

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