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What Does a Consumer Protection Lawyer Do Exactly?

We have a lot more power than we think as consumers. If we are unhappy with a product, we can return or get a refund. Sellers who refuse this are not able to do so legally if something is wrong with the product.

Even debt collectors must follow rules regardless if you owe money. You could miss out on your rights as well as money if you do not understand this and let the seller or debtor “win.”

Getting a consumer protection lawyer can help consumers in these kinds of moments where it’s needed. If you want to know what they can do to help you, keep reading.

What Is Consumer Law?

Consumer law entails all statutes and regulations to create a fair and equal balance for buyers in the marketplace. It protects consumers while preventing sellers from using dishonest methods when selling a service. These services or goods are sold from a range of suppliers including wholesalers, retailers, manufacturers.

It includes any goods you buy whether online and at physical locations. According to consumer law, sellers are prohibited from doing things such as false advertisement or imposing product safety measures as a way to regulate debt collection. Protecting any and all types of consumer identifying information is also a part of consumer law.

Where Do Consumer Laws Apply?

Consumer law comes into effect in circumstances where consumers find themselves needing legal help on an unjust transaction. There are many cases where consumers need help when they fall or online scams or buy defected products without being told about the defects.

The goods they get are often expensive such as automobiles. Individuals also may lose money in pyramid schemes, unauthorized credit card charges, and identity theft.

Consumer law also applies to those who owe money to a creditor. When a creditor acts dishonestly, this action is wrong even if money is owed.

Creditors are not granted immunity to take whatever action they please. There are different types of consumer laws in place, like The Fair Credit Billing Act to protect consumers.

Consumer law can also offer assistance to those filing for bankruptcy protection. When you create a claim concerning violations of consumer protection law, it can help you in times where a creditor harassed you. Upon bankruptcy, creditors do not have the right to:

  • Call you at work or come to your property or place of business
  • send letters demanding payment
  • Complete a foreclosure or repossess your property

There are various circumstances where consumer law is valid for consumers who are wronged by creditors or sellers.

What Does a Consumer Protection Lawyer Do?

Although you can proceed with a consumer protection claim on your own, it’s best to speak and proceed with the claim with a consumer protection attorney. You can learn more about your rights as they assist you in determining which consumer protection laws apply to you.

There is a debtor-creditor law that doesn’t involve bankruptcy when you have an issue paying a debt. Consumer protection attorneys work to help resolve the issue while keeping bankruptcy out the window. An attorney can provide counseling and protect both consumers and businesses according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

In situations where a consumer buys a product, such as a car, and it is not as advertised or is safe to use as specified. The Lemon Law would apply in cases like this.

This law allows consumers to get a rightful refund or replacement of whatever item they purchased. Consumer protection attorneys can help you establish purchases you made are under this law. They can help you in situations where the seller refuses to admit they made an attempt to sell something defective or unsafe and was aware of it

There is product liability on many other types of purchases. If a manufacturer could foresee that a product defect may cause injury, but decided to sell it, they may be found guilty of negligence.

Filing a Complaint

When you are bringing up a complaint you want to if it falls under commercial law or business law. An attorney is able to help you. Commercial laws deal with the sale, financing, and trade of services. Secured transactions and negotiable instruments also fall under this law.

Business laws deal with anything that concerns property issues, shareholder interests, mergers and acquisitions, and forming a company as well as businesses who sell goods to consumers

There are many ways you can go about starting a complaint, but it’s always best to try to follow the chain of command when you can. Start by speaking with the seller or debtor you are having the problem with.

If you have an issue with a product or service, you can also start a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

When you are unable to come to a resolution or you are unhappy with it, you can begin to file a formal complaint with a lawyer. You may be able to mediate and resolve issues before the complaint goes to court.

Ascertain Your Consumer Protection Rights

Sellers cannot just give you a defective or unsafe product and walk away with your money. Debt collectors cannot hound you and do what they want, especially in cases where you file for bankruptcy.

If you are not aware of the rights you have as a consumer, they will walk all over you. Getting a consumer protection lawyer to help you when you do not know the rights you are eligible for can help you in times you cannot help yourself on your own.

When something is wrong between a seller and consumer or a debtor and consumer, the matter should be addressed. Feel free to navigate our site to read our blogs for additional resources and finding a lawyer when you need to ascertain your rights as a consumer.

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