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What Do Attorneys Use Whiteboards For?

Whiteboards are white glossy boards made usually of melamine, painted steel, porcelain, or aluminum and are generally mounted on walls and used for making nonpermanent markings. They serve many functions in various areas of application such as classrooms and boardrooms.

If you’re an attorney and are looking for a reason to buy the best whiteboard, keep reading. In this piece, we’ll look a bit deeper into how whiteboards are used in law firms.

In offices and conference rooms

1. Improved progression of cases and presentations in meetings

Thanks to whiteboards, attorneys can improve the interaction with their clients and, therefore, minimize the “case-killing errors and mistakes.” The attorney has a large surface to work on and this greatly improves the presentation of the case and significantly increases the chances of winning.

The status of the case is documented every step of the way. There are notes on the steps that have already been completed, steps that are yet to be completed, and the problems that may be causing delays in the progress of the case. Additionally, the attorney can document the full case workload at every stage of development so that he can make quick assignment changes wherever any issues have been identified.

When the attorney holds meetings with his clients in the office, he can make use of the whiteboard to present details about the case in a form that the clients can easily understand. Illustrating with diagrams is also made a lot easier.

Whiteboards have also proven to be useful tools in law firms for holding presentations.

2. Organization

Small and large law firms alike struggle with the same issues when it comes to keeping things around the office organized as a way of improving workflow. If the place is disorganized the workers don’t know exactly what to do or where to begin without feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. Whiteboards are very effective in helping people get more productive around the office.

The whiteboards also provide the legal staff with a full overview of what’s supposed to happen every day in the firm. This ensures that everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing and at what time.

3. Brainstorming

Whiteboards are also very essential whenever employees gather to brainstorm. The boards make it possible for the team’s ideas to be quickly noted down for all to see. This helps to encourage everyone to make connections and participate. This keeps the ideas flowing.

This is especially beneficial for people who cannot absorb a lot of information simply by listening.

4. Helps them study for their bar exams

These boards help students who are about to sit their law school exams to prepare by making summaries of what they’ve learned or practiced. They’re able to break down facts, court analysis, and the professor’s notes. These summaries help the students to absorb the material fast and will give them an excellent security blanket during the exam.

Whiteboard studying is hugely underrated. It’s very helpful especially when they don’t have a lot of time to study. They can condense the term’s materials into brief straight-to-the point takeaways which forces them to read, check, synthesize and summarize. Ultimately, they’ll have grasped enough content to pass the test.

Benefits of using a whiteboard – summary

Putting down your professional tasks on the board makes your whole life easier in so many ways. Here are the two main benefits;

  1. You can see your commitments and availability for a certain period (could be a week or month)
  2. When projects are broken down into simpler tasks they become doable and don’t look overwhelming


Whiteboarding generally helps people see the bigger picture. A concept is easily simplified and broken down from the start with connecting arrows to the end. This makes it very easy to go a step or two back to make clarifications whenever necessary.

It’s common knowledge that legal staff have so much work piled up. It can be quite overwhelming juggling between clients and appearing in court. Sometimes as an attorney you can’t wrap your head around everything that needs to be done. A whiteboard is more than useful than you could ever imagine. Create a to-do-list for the week or month with constituent tasks clearly indicated for each project. You’ll be surprised at how much faster you can beat your deadlines. Tick off every completed task as you move forward.


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