If You Get a DUI
Halt | January 21, 2021 | 0 Comments

What Consequences You May Face If You Get a DUI

When someone is guilty of a DUI (driving under the influence) offense, it means that the driver is under the action of alcohol or any other drug. Driving in this state makes them an unfit person for operating a vehicle. In some cases, the drunk driver may also end up in a criminal case by risking someone’s life.

Other than getting charged with various penalty charges, many people also experience depression and anxiety after getting a DUI.

Here are some consequences that you may end up with if you get a DUI

You Can Get Arrested:

You Can Get Arrested

If you get a DUI, you may end up getting arrested. If you test to be guilty, the police will take you to jail. In some cases, you will be released from prison on paying the fine.

Fulfilling jail times are now becoming essential if you are guilty of a crime. Even a first-time offender of DUI has to serve one or two days in jail. If your case includes a violation of more rules, then your penalties can be increased.

Appear in Court:

You will be asked to appear in court depending upon your case. Many drivers feel embarrassed to appear in court for DUI defense or OUI defense. It will be hard to prove yourself innocent if you are found to have a blood alcohol content of 0.08% or above at the time of the arrest.

If you try to deny the charges and fight the case, you may fail in it. Prosecutors in the courtroom have videos prepared when you were taken to jail or failing the field sobriety test.

Losing Your Driver’s License:

Losing Your Driver's License

If you end up getting charged with a DUI offense, your license will be immediately suspended for a specific period. You may be allowed to drive under a hardship license that is provided by the police.

You may get your driver’s license suspended if you fail to comply with the field sobriety test or blood test. Getting your license taken away takes a negative toll on your life. You will have to depend upon your friends and family to drive you around.

Pay Fines as Penalty:

Pay Fines as Penalty

It is mandatory to pay a fine when you are charged with a DUI. Your charges may increase and include other penalties depending upon the severity of your case.

Your fines can be increased if you have damaged property, someone was injured, or any life was endangered because of your drunk driving. If you end up going to court, you will have to pay court costs.

Probation Period:

You will have to face a probation sentence decided by the judge who will handle your case. You will have to comply with the probation condition and fulfill them. Otherwise, you may end up in jail.

Even if your probation sentence does not include any fine, it is a cost you have to pay. It is typically a monthly fee that you will have to pay for supervising your sentence.