What conditions qualify for disability
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Do You Qualify for Disability? Determining Eligibility for SSDI in California

Are you wondering what conditions qualify for disability in California?

Approximately 30% of all adults in California have a temporary or permanent disability. Some have mobility issues making it hard for them to walk. Others are not able to function independently or provide for their own self-care.

Other types of disabilities range from the sight- and hearing-impaired to people who have difficulty with their cognitive functions. Your individual qualifying condition may not fall into any of these groups, but that doesn’t mean you don’t qualify.

Here’s what you need to know about how to qualify and apply for disability and what you will receive if you do qualify

What Conditions Qualify for Disability?

Any medical condition that keeps you from being able to do the regular or customary duties your job requires can qualify for disability. So long as the period lasts for eight days or more.

You can even receive disability California even if your disability results from elective or cosmetic surgery.

Your doctor or religious practitioner can make this determination provided you started treating with them within eight days of becoming disabled. To continue being eligible to receive disability payments, you must continue to be seen and cared for by your doctor or religious practitioner.

When to File for Disability

You need to file your claim for disability at any time within nine and 49 days after getting diagnosed as disabled.

If you wait to file on the 50th day or later, you may lose all or part of your disability benefits.

How to Apply for Disability

You can apply for disability online or by mail, but not both. If you apply by mail, use black ink only to fill out the forms and be sure to write clearly and legibly. Fill out only Part A of the Claimant’s Statement and read the instructions carefully to ensure you include all the information requested.

Even if you think you may not qualify for disability payments, there is no penalty for applying for them and letting the EDD make the final determination. Some government workers do qualify either under their collective bargaining agreements or because they also work with a private employer.

How Your Disability Payment is Calculated

How much you are paid weekly while on disability depends on how much money you earned in the base period. This base period is the period between 5 to 18 months prior to being disabled. You must have earned at least $300 during this base period and had the SDI tax taken out on your paychecks.

If your employer pays you for vacation, sick or holiday pay during the period you are disabled, it does not affect your disability payment.

Determine When You Need to Apply

Now that you know what conditions qualify for disability, it is time to figure out when you need to file your claim. If you meet the requirements, you need to file your claim no more than 49 days from becoming disabled. If it has been at least 8 days, you can file your claim today.

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