Car Accident
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What Compensation Can I Receive After A Car Accident?

When you are hit by a car or involved in a vehicular accident that was not your fault, then you are likely entitled to compensation. To get it, you will have to go through the legal process of proving that you were not the one to blame. If you can do this, you should be on track to claiming compensation.

But what sort of compensation do you get after suffering from a car accident injury? Moreover, what sort of things can you claim for, should you have a case?

The Types Of Cost A Car Accident Creates

When you are seeking compensation for a car accident injury, there are all sorts of hidden costs involved that you might not necessarily have had to pay for, otherwise. Let us break these down into categories.

Medical Bills

Medical Bills

The biggest expense after you are involved in a car accident is the cost of your medical bills. If you have been seriously injured, you can expect these bills to be high. Of course, since you would never let these happen if you were not injured in the first place, this cost can then be attributed as part of your claim for compensation. Medical bills can run into hundreds of thousands. Be sure to follow your doctor’s advice to the letter and see any specialists they refer you to.

Pain And Suffering

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If you are involved in a car accident in the USA, you may be able to claim back money to account for some of your pain and suffering. It is incredibly hard to put a price on pain and suffering. However, the cost of this is usually greater if the person has died as a result of the accident.

Loss Of Earnings

If you are injured in a car accident to the extent where you can no longer work, you will be entitled to claim back for a loss of earnings/loss of earning capacity[1]. Make sure your employer knows that you are sick and do not use your holiday time. Instead, take the time off and claim for loss of earnings against your compensation.

Damage To Property

Car Accident

It may be that your car is damaged property, or it may be that you lost your wedding ring while you were in the accident. Whatever the reason, you can claim back money against any property which was damaged as a result.

Extraneous Costs

There are all sorts of other factors to be considered in your claim for compensation. For example: have you had to travel back and forth for doctors’ appointments or for therapy appointments? Have you had to see a mental health specialist? Have you had to stay away from home as a result of the accident and therefore incurred meal expenses? Or hotel expenses? All of this can be added to your claim for compensation.

How Much Compensation Will I Get If I Have Been Involved In A Car Accident?

The amount of compensation you receive depends on the severity of your accident. You should hire a personal injury attorney for more.

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