Do If a Dog Bites You
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What Can You Legally Do If a Dog Bites You

There are many legal actions you can take if a dog bites you. First and foremost, you should seek medical care if your injuries are severe. Then you should make sure to record the proof of the injuries as well as the identity of the dog owner and the dog itself. The crucial thing is to find a lawyer with experience to guide you through all the options and the fallout of this incident.

Here are some legal things you can do if a dog bites you

Was the Dog Provoked?

Was the Dog Provoked

One of the first things you should establish is whether the dog that bit you was provoked to do so in any way. If this is the case, you might not have the best chances at a legal suit. Some cases of provoked dogs that have been dismissed include a bite after hitting or teasing a dog. In some instances where the dog was petted while it was eating or it was on a chain, even when intervening in a dog fight or spraying repellent on a dog in self-defense. It’s very important to consult your lawyer if this is the situation so they could have better chances of tackling the case.

Learn the Identity of the Owner

If your lawyer agrees you have a solid case, then you should learn the identity of the owner as well as the dog that bit you.  You should do so as soon as possible after the incident because things could get very tricky. The main reason behind this is because you will need to establish there is proof that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies. If you fail to do so, rabies treatment can be extremely expensive, and in addition to this, you will have an even harder time with your lawsuit if it takes longer to track down the owner of the dog.

Seek Legal Help

A dog owner could be found liable in a civil lawsuit for any kind of injury caused by the animal. To get the best results, a personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles suggests you should look for lawyers who have a long track record of successful personal injury cases. Furthermore, one clear way to find the best legal help you deserve is to look at the lawyers’ history of won cases, as well as the high amount of personal injury settlements they helped secure for their clients. This will be a good basis for a civil liability case but could also carry some criminal liability too.

Seek Legal Help

Criminal Liability

Most states have “dangerous dog laws: where courts may require their owners to take special measures once their dog has injured or even threatened someone. In some extreme cases, the judge might even rule the dog be euthanized if it’s a high risk of future potential harm. Furthermore, an owner who doesn’t cooperate with the restrictions can also face criminal penalties. In some instances, the owner can be charged with manslaughter if the dog has killed a person as a result of the owners’ recklessness or even deliberate actions. You should inform your lawyer about all the specific details so they could better assess the situation.

Ask for Medical Care

Ask for Medical Care

It’s worth noting that if you’ve suffered a very serious injury, your priority should be to seek medical care. Even if the injury is not severe, you should do so as quickly as possible because the risk of infection after a dog bite is tremendous. In addition to this, if the dog isn’t properly vaccinated against rabies, as we have mentioned early on, you might face serious medical bills. This might even add to the value of your legal claim, as you will have medical bills as proof that some expenses occurred. Remember to take notes and pictures of your wounds to have solid proof.

You Can Settle

As with many legal cases, you always have the option to settle. However, in this particular instance, that might not be advisable as you will have a good chance of winning a substantial personal injury settlement. If you have second thoughts about going to trial, make sure you contact a reputable lawyer to see what is expected of you. If your lawyer is good, they will take on most of the work for you, and yet if you decide you should settle, make sure to consult them for the amount of settlement you should ask for.

Whether you decide to settle or pursue a case, your lawyer should be very experienced and reputable with a long track record. It’s worth noting that you certainly have a high chance of winning a case, especially if your lawyers are good.

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