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What Can I Do With a Work Permit in the US?

Establishing yourself as an immigrant in the United States can be challenging. Before moving your belongings, you must deal with a variety of laws, visas, and work permits to ensure you have everything in order. You must complete many tasks before you have everything sorted.

The Law Office of Jing Yeophantong admits that applying for a work permit can become a lengthy process, and you might need help figuring out what to do. You must obtain and provide all the documents needed in a timely manner. Sometimes, the variety of options and the endless bureaucracy might get the best of you.

However, obtaining a work permit will grant you the possibility of being employed wherever you want. If you get confused by the complexity of the process, seeking legal advice from an immigration lawyer will prove valuable. If you are planning on getting a job in the US, the following points might help you understand the process of obtaining a work permit.

What Is a Work Permit

What Is a Work Permit?

If you dream of working in the US, you must have a work permit. Working in the US without a permit can lead to dire consequences you do not want to face. A work permit is an official document issued for immigrants in order to work in the United States.

Formally known as an Employment Authorization Document or EAD, this document allows you to work anywhere in the US. You do not need to be a permanent resident to obtain this document. However, it is mandatory to have an immigrant or nonimmigrant visa, which allows you to live and work in the US.

Work Permits and Work Visas

Differences Between Work Permits and Work Visas

Many people tend to confuse work permits with work visas. While a work visa will allow you to work in the United States, you are obligated to work for a specific employer. Your visa will be valid as long as you continue being employed by the same employer. On the other hand, work permits are not as restrictive. You can work for any employer you choose as long as you have an immigrant visa allowing you to.

Work permits have an expiration date, so you must apply for a renewal before the expiration date. USCIS has a processing time you should take into consideration. Although the majority of immigrants renew their work permits annually, there are some exceptions. You should check the expiration date on the front of your work authorization card.

Work Permit in the US

Consult With an Attorney for Valuable Legal Advice

Obtaining the right to work is a lengthy process in the United States. With a plentitude of documents, requirements, deadlines, and sometimes issues and errors, it is understandable to feel overwhelmed. In such cases, you should seek legal advice from an attorney that works with immigration laws.

Having a qualified lawyer by your side to help you go through the process will significantly benefit you. Aside from the complications that arise during the application process, immigration laws and policies tend to change often. Your lawyer will be up to date with any significant changes that might affect you or your application, which will make the process of obtaining a work permit less stressful.

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