Responsibilities of Employment Lawyer
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What Are the Responsibilities of Employment Lawyer?

The legal field is full of complications, so you want a lawyer to go through legal counseling and representation. Since there are lawyers who are specified for a particular domain, you should always find the right lawyer for your particular domain of case. For instance, if you’re facing issues about employment matters, then you should hire an employment lawyer.

Employment lawyers offer various kinds of services to not only the employee but the employer also.

Here we’ll discuss the common responsibilities and duties of an employment lawyer

They Will Explain Rights Clearly

One of the crucial responsibilities of an employment lawyer is to explain the client’s right to you. Including an explanation of the applicable laws which are applied to the case and how many options the client has available. This may include meditation, litigation, negotiation, or any other different action. A lawyer will also explain the pros and cons of every option and help you proceed with a case in the best way possible.

Harassment and Discrimination

All employees should be treated equally and respectfully in the workplace, regardless of their gender, skin color, or age. However, harassment and discrimination cases are quite common and they can affect the charged person in many ways. Workers can approach employment lawyers serving Oakland, CA, to resolve this issue. A lawyer is experienced enough to tackle numerous kinds of work-related issues.

Complaint Lodging

In the cases of employment law, an employee must present a claim filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission before they can peruse a private cause of action.

An employment lawyer can guide the employer to lodge a complaint with the correct agency and explain how much time it needs to claim the file and other key factors connected with the claim.


Employment lawyers also help in employment-related lawsuits. Some employees file lawsuits against their employers due to harassment, discrimination, and denied wages. It’s the responsibility of an employment lawyer to represent them. Employers sometimes file a lawsuit against employees due to a violation of confidential agreements. Then, they can also assist the employer. Some legal claims are:

  • Lawsuit regarding wage and hour
  • Class actions about employment
  • Compensation claims
  • Third-party lawsuits

The Hour and Wage Lawsuits

The hour and wage claims arise when an employee is prohibited from getting their entitled compensation. Additionally, the employee is forced to work overtime or may not receive the overtime pays.

Employment Discrimination Lawsuits

Employment discrimination lawsuits are charged when an employee is demoted, terminated, or reassigned without any appropriate reason.

According to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, it’s against the law to discriminate based on gender, race, color, religion, and national origin. There is also The Age Discrimination Act which prohibits discrimination of employees age 40 or older. Also, according to the Americans with Disabilities Act, it’s against the law if you discriminate against employees based on their disability.

Compensation Claims

When an employee becomes ill or injured during the work, he can apply for a worker’s compensation claim. In this case, the employee might be assisted by an employment lawyer in filing a claim. However, the employer can also seek help from another employment lawyer to substantiate a denial.

Third-Party Lawsuits

Sometimes, an employee can also file a case against some third party other than the employer about the work-related injury. This is known as third party lawsuits. Employment lawyers not only prepare complaints but also interact with the other side’s legal representative and appear in court on behalf of their client.

However, employment laws changed a little bit in 2020. Visit to know about the revised law.


It’s common to have a dispute between employer and employees regarding workplace safety, benefits, wages, and harassment, and most likely they rely on legal solutions. To solve the argument legally, you need to hire an experienced employment lawyer. Not only do they deliver justice, but they deliver it in the most peaceful way possible.

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