What are the Benefits of Hiring React Native Development Services?
Halt | April 27, 2019 | 0 Comments

What are the Benefits of Hiring React Native Development Services?

Native mobile app development is time consuming and requires focus on all the different platforms. This is where react native development services have proven to be successful alternative. The platform can also be used for developing interactive UI.

What is React Native?

React Native is an open-source framework developed by Facebook. It is designed to create native mobile apps using JavaScript. Apps can be created in a similar way to using Java for Android and Objective-C for iOS.

Some of the important points about this framework are as follows:

  •         It is based on an extension of JavaScript, known as JSX
  •         The same principles have been applied to both Android and iOS platforms with regard to all the different elements including stateful components, virtual Dom, layout engine, and more.
  •         The basic process involves placing UI building blocks together using React and JavaScript. The end result is a feature-packed mobile UI.

Benefits of Using React Native Development Services

There are many reasons for hiring react native development services to have your native mobile apps developed by the experts.


React Native is used by the big tech giants. Another reason it has gained everyone’s trust is because it is based on the most popular programming language, JavaScript.

It gets the following technical advantages over conventional native app development solutions:

  •         95% of the codebase is shared between Android and iOS
  •         It is possible to share business logic with web applications.
  •         It is possible to share front-end code between Android and iOS
  •         High level of code reusability between the two operating systems.
  •         The bundle can be hosted on your own server and you can carry out OTA updates without the need to wait for app store approval.

Simpler Interface

  •         Developers can use the platform to build mobile apps using web technology.
  •         Web development skills and experience can be used to create react apps.
  •         Same code can be reused or modified for different platforms. This provides excellent expansion potential for businesses.
  •         Cross platform apps can be developed which are fully native apps for your business.
  •         Save time and maintenance costs with cross platform app development.
  •         Since it is based on JSX, developers don’t have to learn new languages.
  •         It is easier to test new features during app development process.
  •         React Native doesn’t need to write lots of lines of codes and classes to create UI. All it requires is using component names and property declaration.
  •         The framework allows you to develop apps on a small budget for both Android and iOS platforms.
  •         Front end developers having experience in JavaScript can use it to create mobile apps.

If a JavaScript developer with knowledge of design pattern, APIs, and native UI elements can develop apps using it. In fact, you can also have your existing mobile app upgraded with the addition of native UI components. It takes lesser time to develop and publish updates.

Agility & Speed

Instagram is an excellent example of React Native app. Some of the other examples include:

  •         Wal-Mart
  •         Townske
  •         Facebook Ads

React Native apps help ensure that your app is agile and fast. They are responsive and deliver excellent user experience. Compared to other frameworks, execution and screen rendering is quicker.

Using react native development services helps you create apps that further help you gain an edge over the competition. You are able to achieve greater expansion possibilities and drive more leads and sales. Thus, there are many reasons for investing your resources in this development platform. Even if you have existing apps, you can benefit by upgrading them.



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