EB-2 Requirements
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What Are EB-2 Requirements?

You must meet some criteria for Extraordinary Immigration and provide a labor certification depending on your category. This visa is granted to individuals who have extraordinary abilities or advanced degrees in certain fields. The other scenario in which you can be granted this visa is that you have obtained a National Interest Waiver.

What Is an EB-2A Visa?

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To qualify for an EB-2A Visa, you must meet specific standards, such as an advanced degree in a certain domain. If you have a bachelor’s degree, a foreign equivalent, or a master’s degree, you may still get this visa if you have at least five years of experience in your field. You will need letters from current and former employers stating that you have progressive work knowledge and experience.

For this visa, you will need to take a medical exam, which includes your medical history, drug tests, a physical and mental evaluation, and tests for potential diseases or illnesses.

How Do You Obtain the EB-2 Visa?

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You will need to have proof of experience or expertise in the area that you apply for your visa and to have an academic record to show this. To obtain the EB-2 Visa, you have to check off the list at least three of the following qualifications:

  • Ten years experience of working in a field of the profession
  • Official recognition by experts and their work field
  • Membership in either an organization or a professional club
  • Earn a high salary that has been a consequence of your exceptional abilities
  • A degree in the work field that you want to work in
  • A certificate that acts as a permit to work in the respective field
  • Other equivalent evidence that proves your exceptional skills in the field

National Interest Waiver

EB-2A Visa

You can ask to waive the labor certification at your request if it is in the National U.S. interest. You can file a petition on your own behalf to show you have an advanced degree or an outstanding ability. USCIS will review the submitted files and decide whether you are eligible for the Second-preference classification or if it is in the interest of the U.S. to grant you this waiver.


When it is time to apply for a visa, be prepared for the documents you must fill in. In this case, you have to fill in three forms for the EB-2 Visa. The first form is issued by the Department of Labor, and it is called PERM labor certification. This form will have to be filled out by your employer. It can take up to four months for the PERM to be evaluated.

The second form that you have to fill in since you are applying to work in the U.S. is the I-140, which has a fee of $700.

After you fill out this form, you will receive a priority date to apply for your visa. This is where the third form comes, where you have to file an adjustment of status. This form for EB-2 Visa grants you priority compared to the other applicants.

Working with an immigration lawyer can speed up the process and ensure you are filing everything for your EB-2A Visa correctly. They can help you throughout the procedures and guide you on your way.


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