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4 Ways To Find An Injury Lawyer

If you’re injured or harmed because of someone else’s negligent or intentional actions, you’ll have to make a lot of decisions to compensate for the expenses you’ve spent on your medical bills.

One of the critical decisions you’ll make is finding an injury lawyer to hire for your personal injury claims. Qualified and competent lawyers will provide you the best odds to acquire a favorable outcome for your case.

Even if a simple online search will produce an extensive list of personal injury lawyers, you still have to do the leg work to ensure that you’ve found the right fit. To make sure that you’ll find and choose the right legal experts like Terry Katz and Associates for your case, below are some of the ways to achieve it:

1. Get Referrals

One of the ways to find an injury lawyer is to seek out referrals. You can start by asking around trusted friends, family, and colleagues who have hired injury lawyers in the past. Ask them if they can refer you to the firm that represented them.

If you know other lawyers who practice another type of law or you’ve used the services of a tax lawyer before, you can ask them for some recommendations. If the lawyer you trust provides you the name of injury lawyers, you must pay attention. Typically, lawyers only recommend another professional if they respect them.

2. Check The Local Bar Association

Check The Local Bar Association

Each state or country has its own local bar association, which is affiliated with a bigger state bar association. All lawyers who practice before the district or county court would be registered with this association. You may get contact details from your local courthouse.

More often than not, such organizations have a list of lawyers and their specializations. You can also see in these associations if the lawyers have a record of malpractice or disciplinary action. Make sure to do a thorough background check before choosing any injury lawyer.

3. Use The Internet

Use The Internet

Once you have a list of your preferred injury lawyers, continue your search online. Go to law directories, which provide helpful information about law firms in the area and the lawyers who are currently working there.

While checking the directory, make sure to read the profile of every lawyer. Their professional biographies will help you determine if they’re a good fit for your lawsuit or not. Once you’re done, make sure to check for reviews from the previous clients of your preferred lawyers. Read reviews from other sources to help you make a well-informed decision about who you should hire.

4. Schedule An Initial Consultation

Schedule An Initial Consultation

If you’re stressed from filing a claim on your own, do note that many injury lawyers offer consultations free of charge. Make sure to attend the meeting prepared with relevant documentation. This may include an accident report, communication from the insurance company, medical records, and photos. You may also use your initial consultation as a way to know about how the lawyer would handle your case. Ask them how they’d guide you through the case and if they’ve worked on cases like yours in the past.

Some injury lawyers don’t update clients often, pass clients off to the firm’s junior members, and aren’t always available. If personal attention from your lawyer matters to you, make sure to address this during your consultation. You should know how often to expect updates about your case and which team members at the company will take care of your case.


More than anything else, you have to trust your instincts when you start looking for an injury lawyer to represent your case, especially car accidents. If you want to get the best possible outcome for your case, you’ll need quality legal representation from the most reliable and reputable injury lawyer out there. Just make sure to take note of the above to find the right legal expert for your needs.

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