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4 Ways to Aid Your DUI Lawyer in Preparing the Defense

Whatever the circumstances, you are entitled to have legal representation after an arrest for impaired driving or driving under the influence. In fact, hiring a DUI lawyer should be something that you do as quickly as possible. Once your legal counsel is involved, full cooperation on your part will equip the lawyer to develop a viable defense.

Here are four ways that you can support that effort

Cooperate With the Authorities Without Volunteering Too Much Information

While you do want to cooperate with the authorities, it’s best to keep your responses short and sweet. There’s no need to elaborate by adding details outside the scope of the questions. When and as possible, simple yes or no responses will do fine.

Keep in mind that you do have the right to have your legal counsel present during questioning. If the types of questions you’re being asked leave you feeling somewhat uncomfortable, that’s the time to invoke your right to only be questioned with your lawyer present.

But Do Tell Your Lawyer Everything

While you do want to avoid offering too much information to the authorities, the opposite is true when you meet in private with your legal counsel. At this juncture, feel free to share every detail that you can remember. Listen closely to any questions that the lawyer asked and answer them to the best of your ability.

Don’t assume some minor detail that comes to mind is not worth mentioning. You’re not in a position to decide what’s relevant and what’s of no value. Everything that you can remember should be conveyed to your legal counsel. Something as simple as remembering a random remark that was made during the arrest could change everything.

Refrain from Discussing the Pending Case With Others

Whether you have to remain in jail pending the court date or whether you’re released on bond, keep the details about the pending case to yourself. At no time should you discuss it with friends, relatives, coworkers, or anyone else. If you are in confinement, that includes not saying every much while making or receiving a phone call. It’s routine in many facilities for calls to be monitored. The only time you should discuss the case is when you and your lawyer are alone.

Follow the Lawyer’s Advice About Where to Be Seen and What to Do

Assuming you are free pending the court date, your lawyer is likely to have recommendations about how to conduct yourself in the interim. It may be best if you’re not seen at certain venues for a time. In some cases, it may be in your best interests to refrain from socializing with certain people until after the court date. The point of being mindful of where you go and who you’re seen with is to avoid any perceptions that could complicate your case. By choosing to follow that advice, you will make the process of mounting a defense a little easier.

During this time, your DUI lawyer will be one of your strongest allies. Draw on the experience and the knowledge that your legal counsel brings to the situation. Cooperate fully and listen closely to any advice. Doing so increases the odds of achieving the best possible outcome.


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