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4 Ways For Law Firms To Stay Efficient During The Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continuously affects businesses worldwide, even for professional services, like law firms. Hence, it’s crucial for legal professionals who run private independent offices to find solutions to reach more potential clients amidst the restrictions brought about by the pandemic.

Below are some ways for law firms to stay efficient during the pandemic.

1. Adopt Digitalization

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Embracing digital technology, particularly with tools and software, can help a law firm keep up with the competition during the new normal. Digitalizing manual or traditional processes ensures more efficient operations, eliminating the need to invest and use expensive hardware systems.

The following are some examples of digitalization solutions that may be applicable for law firms:

  • Internet Faxing: You don’t need to have a physical fax machine to send and receive fax messages. You can learn how to get a fax number that can be linked with an online faxing system. With internet faxing, you can use your dedicated fax number and email as a fax message portal, saving paper and time spent on locating a fax machine. Hence, you can communicate with your clients anytime and anywhere.
  • Electronic Signature: While sending a fax from Gmail or signing a contract, you can use an electronic signature as a legally binding tool. If you want to sign a pile of documents without using one, you can adopt electronic signatures or eSignatures instead. It’s a hassle-free way to hasten your legal firm operations and is considered as good as a handwritten signature.

2. Use Law Practice Management Software

law practice management software

A modern legal practice must use reliable Law Practice Management Software (LMPS) to manage day-to-day business operations. Law firms set, organize, and prioritize responsibilities to ensure the performance of much-needed actions to win legal cases.

Here are the best features and benefits of a reliable LMPS to help your law firm stay efficient:

  • Cloud-Based Technology: Cloud-based LPMS providers implement SSL security, encrypting data while it sits on the servers. Choose a service provider that can give you detailed information about their tech product and an explanation of their security practices.
  • Centralized And Seamless Integration: With the use of law practice management software, all previously independent functions can perform in a centralized system. Integrating a law practice management software (LMPS) program with the one you currently use can help you save more time, energy, and resources—improving your firm’s overall efficiency.
  • Convenient To Use: Whether you handle personal injury cases or criminal law cases, you can rely on the effectiveness of LMPS in handling them. These programs have a user-friendly platform with a distraction-free and straightforward interface.

3. Use Client Relationship Management Software

Use Client Relationship Management Software

While the functionalities of LMPS and client relationship management software (CRM) may overlap, the former focuses on project management whereas the latter is more on client management. A CRM software program helps a law firm keep in touch with clients before, during, and after handling their cases.

Here are the best features and benefits of reliable CRM software:

  • Client Intake: Eliminate data entry work and make client intake simpler for your law firm using CRM.
  • Document Automation And Electronic Signatures: With these helpful features, you can generate documents, sign, and collaborate with clients more efficiently through the cloud.
  • Workflow And Email Automation: With automated email and workflow, you can create a more organized legal client intake process.
  • Client Intake Insights: With this feature, you’ll better understand your client intake process, and where most valuable clients come from.
  • Online Appointment Booking: Reduce overhead costs with online appointment booking, making it easier for your clients to avail of your legal services.

4. Embrace Marketing Technology

Promote your legal services by embracing marketing technology, a combination of various digital marketing and technological solutions help you reach more leads for your firm. You can work with a digital media agency to implement marketing campaign strategies, such as email marketing and social media marketing that can help you reach a wider clientele.

Take a look at the following ways marketing technology can make your law firm operation more efficient:

  • Reduce manual tasks of sending follow-up emails to target clients or leads.
  • Safeguard your law firm’s data by working with a trusted digital agency for your advertising campaigns.
  • Accelerate your marketing campaigns without wasting so much time, allowing you to gain more clients faster by boosting your online presence through content marketing, video marketing, and SEO, among others.


Law firms can implement various technological innovations in their operations to stay efficient during the pandemic. Marketing technology, internet faxing, and eSignatures are the emerging solutions that can help your legal office keep up with the changes and restrictions during the new normal.

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