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5 Ways A Criminal Record Impacts Your Life

Human as we are, committing mistakes are normal. However, some of them go deeper and could get us into legal trouble. When you face criminal charges, you will have a criminal record that does nothing but complicate your life. It sticks around for many years and hinders you from achieving your goals. Because of this, it gives you countless reasons why a defense attorney is essential for your case.

How Does A Criminal Record Affect Me?

Having a criminal record is detrimental for you, especially if you’re someone with big career goals. It can deter you from getting employment, being able to travel, insurance and loan limitations, driving and other rights, and losing child custody. If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, it can be devasting for you, stress and fear of the unknown often only make a bad situation worse. We provide clients with straightforward explanations of their cases, go here for more information.

1. Employment

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Getting a job is crucial to living and supporting yourself every day. But having a criminal record prevents you from getting that. To ensure security and integrity in their company, employers require background checks on the applicants, and one of the things they look into is if you have a criminal record or not. If they find out that you have an inadequate background, you will lose the chance of getting hired, and nowadays, finding a job is getting more and more difficult every day.

2. Travel Restrictions

Before traveling, most countries conduct a criminal record check to guarantee safety. If you have to travel overseas, your passport will likely get revoked, depending on the graveness of your offense.

Being criminally convicted, your chance of getting approved on the available programs through the Transportation Security Administration and other countries requiring that will be law. Additionally, you can fail to get through their security measures, which often leads to severe complications.

3. Insurance And Loan Limitations

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Banks and lenders approve your mortgage and loans if they see you fit and credible. Additionally, like other typical businesses, they also require background checks for the applicants. Now, if they know that you have a past criminal conviction, you may be considered a high-risk borrower. In short, they will not trust that you will be paying them back. As a result, your plan of getting a loan will be a lost cause.

For insurance, there is a big possibility that you will get charged more by the insurer and would provide you with less coverage upon knowing that you have a criminal record. No matter what you do, although it is hard, you should be completely honest about your background at all times. Lying will also not get you any further and conviction only causes the insurer to cancel your insurance and refuse to pay you.

4. Driver’s License And Other Rights

If your offense is severe, expect that you will also lose your driver’s license. One example is in Texas, having a record that involves alcohol and drugs, you will most likely experience a suspension of your driver’s license for 180 days.

Aside from that, if you are guilty of a felony, revoking your right to own a firearm is also possible. Moreover, doctor, teacher, real estate broker, and other professional licenses are also subject to revocation or suspension.

5. Child Custody

Child Custody

One of the harshest consequences of having a criminal record is to lose the right to raise your child. Due to your past offenses, the judge may question your character and capability to raise a child during a custody hearing. Although it is not the sole reason, it definitely contributes to other factors that lead to losing your child. Some offenses that could result in these circumstances are having a domestic abuse case or other violent acts and any other issues involving families.

On the other hand, having a criminal conviction could also deter you from the chance of adopting a child, and thus, you must consider all these before committing a crime.


Having a criminal record is something you would not want to acquire, as it prevents you from living most of your life. But if you are criminally convicted, you also need to protect yourself and your rights. That said, the best thing you could do is consult a defense lawyer to help and guide you with this predicament.

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