Venture Custom Pools - Pool Safety Requirements
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Venture Custom Pools – Pool Safety Requirements

For new pool owners, many often wonder about the pool safety requirements they need to adhere to. If proper pool safety rules are not followed, there is the risk of drowning or spreading infectious diseases. Reports show that there are 9 million swimming pools (public and residential) in the United States. If pool owners follow proper safety measures, including the use of signs, it can go a long way in preventing accidents that fall under swimming pool liability.

Swimming Pool Liability and Insurance

Swimming pool liability simply means you are legally responsible if something happens in your pool. It goes without saying that swimming pool liability is pretty much straightforward when it comes to public pools. However, it is somewhat complicated for residential pools as both pool owners and the injured parties may have a case to argue. The injured party could argue there was inadequate supervision, willful misconduct or negligence on the part of the pool owner. On the other hand, pool owners can argue their case using trespassing laws. Pool ownership is associated with a lot of liability. In some cases, pool owners can be held liable even if they use signage and follow proper fencing precautions. Venture Pools in Dallas builds hundreds of pools a year and says that it’s extremely important for pool owners to get pool insurance. Pool insurance can help protect pool owners in the event of an accident leading to medical or legal costs.

Pool Safety Guidelines

By following pool safety guidelines, you can make your swimming pool safe and enjoyable for both adults and children. First, let a pool contractor confirm that the depth of your pool water is sufficient enough if you are installing a slide. Use non-slip materials on the diving board, ladders and pool deck. There should be a barrier four feet or higher around the swimming pool with a lockable deck. This will help keep trespassers and children out of the pool. Be sure to clearly mark how deep the pool is. Venture Custom Pools - Pool Safety Requirements

You can use safety slopes to show where the pool becomes deeper. Lastly, check the swimming pool to ensure it is well maintained and clean. Repair any broken railings or ladders and replace non-slip materials which are worn out.

Measures to Reduce Pool Risk

Owning a pool comes with its own risks and benefits. Insurance policies may help cover some of the risks but there are precautionary measures you can take to reduce the risk of tragedy. The following are steps you can take if you want to reduce swimming pool liability.

  • Use Pool Covers

Pool covers are an effective way to negate swimming pool accidents involving kids and prevent trespassers from swimming in your pool. It is advisable for pool owners to use covers frequently and not just when the pool is not in use.

  • Fencing

Using fences with lockable gates is arguably the best way to reduce pool risk. In addition, you can use a pool alarm to alert when someone is near the pool that shouldn’t be. Most states in the US have specifications regarding the fence height and gate specifications.

  • Supervision

Pool owners should ensure kids who are around pools are well supervised. Kids should not be allowed to swim unsupervised.


Following the above pool safety requirements can reduce the risks that can lead to an expensive lawsuit. It is important for private pool owners to take precautions, such as a CPR class, which can be lifesaving in case of an emergency. Additionally, pools should be equipped with built-in ladders, and other safety measures, to help swimmers if an emergency arises.

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