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Unfair Tactics of Car Insurance Companies after Car Crashes

Insurance companies spend millions of dollars training their agents and customer service representatives how to respond to a reported car crash in a way that reduces the insurance company payout – and your recovery.  Every penny the insurer can keep from paying you goes back to the insurance company in profits.

Nearly everyone who drives has some type of car insurance coverage. When motorists are involved in a car accident, they rely on their insurance companies to cover the damages, whether on their own vehicle or the other motorist’s car. Unfortunately, these companies put their own profits ahead of treating their customers fairly. Dealing with a car insurance company can be extremely difficult, as most will do their best to deny a claim or payout as little as possible. Some of the manipulative tactics of car insurance companies are highlighted below. Those who have been involved in a car crash may want to consider consulting with an experienced car accident attorney who is familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies.

Claims Adjusters

Most people know the terms “claims adjusters” or “insurance adjusters,” but what do they really mean? These are individuals hired by the car insurance company who investigate insurance claims. Property damage and personal injury claims are generally the most expensive types of claims for insurance companies. It is important to know that insurance adjusters work to save the insurance company’s money. They are not interested in trying to help car accident victims get a fair settlement for damages. When talking with a claims adjuster, practice caution.

Common Tactics Used by Car Insurance Companies

Can Someone Sue for a Car Accident If Have Insurance

A few of the most common manipulative tactics of car insurance companies include:

Recorded Statements

Employees of car insurance companies are trained to contact car accident victims and coerce them into giving a statement that is recorded. This is all in the hopes that the victim will provide some detail, however small, that will give the insurance company leverage so it can offer a smaller settlement. Most victims never realize they said something that can make such a difference in their case.

Rushing Initial Conversations

Many claims’ adjusters will approach car accident victims within hours of the accident. Victims are typically under stress immediately following an accident and may suffer injuries they are not yet aware of. Insurance adjusters may attempt to offer a lowball settlement right away in exchange for your signature on a release agreement. Never accept a deal or sign legal documents before speaking with a skilled personal injury attorney.


Stall tactics are extremely common among car insurance companies, who want to put off paying a claim for as long as possible, if at all. Employees and insurance agents will often ignore emails and phone calls in the hopes a car accident victim will simply give up eventually out of frustration. There are statute of limitations in each state that limit the time a victim has to file a lawsuit, which insurance companies hope will run out if they stall long enough.

Car Insurance

Requesting Permission for Medical Records

It is standard procedure for insurance companies to request authorization to see medical records. This is how they verify that victims’ injuries are legitimate. However, insurance adjusters do not need to delve deep into the past with medical records in order to find unrelated injuries that may discredit a current injury. Before giving insurance companies permission to see medical records, speak with a personal injury lawyer who can help with the legal complexities and ensure no past medical records are provided.

Take the Offer or No Compensation

Car insurance companies are well aware that most people do not know or understand all their rights regarding car accident claims. They may say the victim can accept the lowball offer or get nothing at all. This often results in victims accepting low settlement offers. The fact is victims can accept or deny a settlement offer. Denying an offer does not mean there will be no compensation, as the claim can be taken to court in order to fight for the full compensation you may be entitled to.

Cancel the Policy

Insurance companies may attempt to cancel a car insurance coverage policy when they realize they may be liable for a large insurance claim bill. The insurance company may cite certain portions of the policy as reason for cancellation. It is important to be aware that the fine print in insurance policies do not support cancelation. This is just another tactic. Consult with a knowledgeable attorney if the insurance company attempts to cancel the policy following an accident claim.

Consult with an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

Steps to Dispute a Car Insurance Claim

Above were just a handful of examples of the manipulative tactics of car insurance companies. The most important step someone can take when a car insurance company is employing underhanded tactics to limit or deny a claim is to consult with an experienced attorney. Lawyers who practice in this area have in-depth knowledge of the laws and how these companies work, providing skilled legal guidance and support.

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