Disability Lawyer
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Understanding the Responsibilities of a Disability Lawyer

The process of submitting your Social Security disability application and then going through the hearing process can be extremely complicated and stressful. While you may not be legally required to hire a disability lawyer, doing so can help you immensely. If you’re unsure of the roles and responsibilities of a disability lawyer, here is a comprehensive guide on the same.

Duties Of A Disability Lawyer

1. Legal Support During Appeal Process

Appeal process

Disability lawyers have a thorough understanding of the complex appeal process of cases. These lawyers know how to build a strong case. A disability lawyer will provide you with legal advice and assistance throughout the appeal process and help you present a more concrete and persuasive case and also develop a more compelling background story.

2. Reviewing Process

Upon hiring, the first and foremost thing a disability lawyer will do is assess your case. They will evaluate it thoroughly to understand what further action needs to be taken. It is better to look for an experienced lawyer since they can provide better assistance with their in-depth knowledge of similar cases. A disability lawyer will make sure none of the fine details of your case are overlooked.

3. Strengthen Your Application

Background Check

Once they’ve reviewed your initial case, they will help with building your application and ensure everything that needs to be done is taken care of and that all your requirements are met. Having extensive knowledge in their field of expertise, an Americans with Disability Lawyer will confirm that all claims being submitted are complete. They may even be able to get incomplete claims to be reconsidered and if not, help with the appeal process.

This prevents a common mistake made by those applying for Social Security disability benefits. Mainly, what happens is that they often submit incomplete claims, which leads to many qualified applicants being denied during the initial stages of the process.

4. They Help Gather Medical Evidence

You need the right amount of concrete evidence to support your case. Once you’ve signed a medical records release, a disability lawyer will work with you to collect any relevant medical evidence that will support your application. After thoroughly reviewing your medical records, a disability lawyer will direct you to take any missing or additional tests necessary for your application. Your lawyer will go through the hundreds of pages of medical records and pick out the most relevant parts to present as evidence.

5. Appeal Filing

There is no need to be concerned if your first application doesn’t get approved. Oftentimes it so happens that initial applications don’t go through, but you can always appeal the decision. The appeal process, however, can be lengthy and complex and must be completed within an allotted time period. A disability lawyer will help you with the entire appeal process and make sure everything gets done efficiently and on time.

6. They Represent You At Hearings

Court Hearings

The final stage of your case is the hearing process. While most cases are won at the hearing level, it can still be a sensitive and stressful time. Preparation is key to making sure your hearing goes smoothly, and your disability lawyer will help you with that. While you yourself don’t need to speak at the hearing, you still need to know about the intricacies of your case. You might be asked questions, so your disability lawyer will prepare you to face any such situation.

Hiring a disability lawyer who will assist you with the entirety of the application process is highly advisable. It is still possible for you to go through the whole ordeal without one, but that can be a stressful experience. Now that you know about the ways in which a disability lawyer can help you, don’t be hesitant about hiring one.


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