Understanding child endangerment – Important questions to ask
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Understanding child endangerment – Important questions to ask

Crime and justice are prevalent in every society! Amongst every other crime type, you must have also heard about child endangerment. Simply put, this takes place when someone places a minor child to any dangerous circumstances that result in either physical harm or death. This crime often gets associated with various other criminal activities, for instance, an assault, where a matured person accountable for a child, ends up harming him/her. Some people are charged guilty for the harm caused. Also, today there are plenty of activities that suggest child endangerment.

Every state has its law and government rules! Hence, the penalties and legal processes get undertaken as a response to child endangerment vary as well. Nonetheless, child endangerment is a crime in every part of the world. In certain places, it might get recognized as a felony or a misdemeanor based on the state legal code. The sentences declared to the criminal might vary between months and years. But there will be some legal action taken against it.

The more dangerous and heinous a child endangerment crime is, the severe the penalty and punishment becomes. Sometimes, if parents harm their child, then they lose their rights on a child.

Should you opt-in for an ace attorney?

Legal cases always need the assistance of expert lawyers. As a layperson, who might be aware of a few legal procedures, but you can’t understand every legal jargon and decide on the best measure. A child endangerment case has its weak and vulnerable stages. And it is essential to retain composure and fight the case. Only an ace lawyer can address this with complete dexterity. To know more, you can get in touch with www.criminaldefense-tx.com.

Child endangerment is a crime! And sometimes, you or anyone you know might get charged with this crime, when you are entirely innocent. Here you need an expert attorney to understand and represent your case to the court and fight it successfully. An expert lawyer can help you see and claim your rights to justice and other relevant options.

Understand the instances of child endangerment

Know that legal laws and rules will vary from one state to the other! Every state and country will have its own definition of child endangerment. You need to stay aware of this before you file a legal case. The following acts get classified as child endangerment across the world.

  • Leaving the child in a completely unsafe place or neighborhood
  • Unable to manage a child because of an overuse of drug abuse or alcohol intoxication
  • Leaving the child with a criminal or an abuser
  • Carelessly leaving the child alone in a car or any other vehicle, during climatic extremes. There have been several incidents where children got harmed for being left alone in an unmanaged car during extremely hot months.
  • Drunk driving when you have a car in the vehicle that results in an accident
  • When someone serves alcohol to an immature/underage driver
  • Keeping harmful weapons in your house to which a child has access
  • When someone leaves one child under the guidance of another young child, knowing the none of them can protect the other
  • Manufacturing drugs and other harmful substances in your house where you have your child as well
  • When you fail to report an apparent child abuse
  • When you get involved in a sexual act where there is a child
  • Not exercising correct vehicle security for booster seats and child-using car seats

Child endangerment can also take place when an adult fails to react and respond against it. It can also occur from negligence. For instance, there have been situations where a caregiver has been unable to provide the necessary medication for a child intentionally.

DUI charges and child endangerment

DUI, which is commonly known as “Driving under the influence” of drugs or alcohol, is a common crime that’s linked to child endangerment. If an adult guilty of DUI carries a minor in their car when they get arrested, the child endangerment charges will apply. The same charges will apply if a parent does the same. Under all circumstances, it is essential to ensure that if you take accountability for a minor, you need to ensure complete safety. Parents should think twice before engaging in getting intoxicated and driving a car. The repercussions might lead to child endangerment.

Things that prove child endangerment

It is essential to know what affirms a child endangerment. Then a lawyer can either fight for your justice or prove you innocent. The vital factors are as follows:

  • The child was at someone’s care who took complete responsibility, such as a relative, parent, care workers, or any other person and failed.
  • It is essential to prove that the child was in a place that is dangerous and that the person in concern didn’t exercise proper caution
  • The accountable person or the caregiver is guilty of child endangerment,  by not responding in the right way

Also, the danger needs to be imminent and real. It shouldn’t get considered as a mistake. And for your lawyer to prove child endangerment, the concerned child needn’t get physically harmed or affected in any way. It is sufficient to prove that a child was placed in a dangerous situation where there was no security. The intent of the criminal is what gets questioned here to declare the penalty.

Child endangerment defenses

It is also crucial to know about a few common child endangerment points and use it in the case when needed. The common ones are:

  • Questioning whether the concerned child was at all in danger for real or not
  • Examining the relationship between the child and the adult and whether in reality, the adult has taken on a caregiver’s accountability
  • Analyzing the crime situation and trying to figure out whether the entire crime scene had been framed another person and collecting the necessary proofs

A minor should always be given the required assistance and security. There have been instances where child endangerment as a result of complete negligence or lack of awareness. Hence, it is essential for adults to be aware of child endangerment and act accordingly. Also, if there’s a legal case to manage, they need to get in touch with an ace attorney.


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