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Types of Software Audits And Disputes; Do I Need To Hire An Attorney?

Software licensing disputes have increased over the passage of time. Software audits have now become a random thing for a lot of businesses as they receive at least one, or up to 3 audits per year too. Even though Microsoft audits or other software audits might seem “random”, they actually are not.

Software vendors do not carry out audits randomly. These vendors are responsible for generating a great amount of revenue for the software companies. Yes, software compliance does remain the chief reason for holding the audits but money is a significant reason behind it as well. So, do you need to hire an attorney if you run a software company?

Three Basic Types of Software Audits:

It is important to understand the types of software audits so that you can avoid any disputes in the future. These audits are extremely crucial and are a complete, legal procedure. Thus, you need to be vigilant while the software company vendors visit you for an audit.

There are three basic types of software audits and we have revealed them below for your understanding:

1. Oracle Audit:

Oracle Audit

Oracle audit is the first type and it takes a lot of money and time. These audits are accessible in various shapes and sizes. If your company uses an Oracle database and application server along with an E-business suite, SOA, and JD Edwards software, etc. then you are liable for this audit. You are informed 45 days before the audit has to take place.

2. Microsoft Audit:

Microsoft Audit

Microsoft audits require one to be extremely vigilant. The majority of the companies are using Microsoft and they tend to use more than one Microsoft service. Thus, these companies are more liable for the audit. Each time to install a Microsoft Product, you would have noticed that a license agreement pops up. You basically agree with the end user agreement which makes you liable for the audit, at any time of the year. Microsoft audits are carried out to ensure that the licenses are identical to what the company has paid for.

Microsoft audits are extremely comprehensive and thus, they are categorized under two different types:

  • Software assessment management
  • Legal Contracts and Compliance

Software assessment management is considered with bringing your company in line and has nothing to do with money. On the other hand, if you are pirating Microsoft products, then you will get an LLC issued against you. You then have to deal with the anti-piracy team. This is where you might need an attorney to help you fight the case filed against you as you won’t be able to manage this on your own.

3. IBM Audit:

IBM Audit

IBM conducts a large number of audits per year. It is important to have knowledge about everything involved in an IBM audit, to avoid all the complications.

For instance, you must know about the Passport advantage agreement and program license agreement, etc. The team of IBM officials lets you know when they are ready for an audit so you can keep your data in one place.

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