Premise Liability
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Types Of Premise Liabilities

Premise liability occurs when a property owner becomes negligent, which leads to injuries or loss. Premise liability is a broader category of the personal injury law, and it applies to any public or private building. For a case to be ruled as premise liability, the victim must prove that the negligence of the property caused the injury. Below are some types of premise liability cases.

Slip And Fall Accident

Slip And Fall Injuries

Slip and fall can be caused by many aspects like; damaged floor boards, unsecured carpeting, or a roof leak that makes the floor slippery. All these aspects are the owners’ negligence in repairing their buildings. An owner who also does not notify the others of a slippery floor or icy conditions and someone slips and falls, they will be charged with a premise liability case. The injuries sustained from the fall can be minor such as sprained, or more severe, like a head injury.

Poor Security

Poor security cases mainly occur in offices or rental apartments. The premises owner is supposed to provide reasonable security measures to the occupants of the building. In case of a robbery, rape, or assault on any of the occupants, the owner shall be held liable for any of the injuries caused by the lack of protecting the occupants from foreseeable danger and crimes. The law assumes that appropriate security measures could have prevented the crime.

Poor Premise Maintenance

Poor premise maintenance cases occur when the property owner is responsible for the maintenance of the premise and fails to do so, leading to the premise being in an unsafe condition. Loose handrails, broken window glasses, and broken fixtures are some negligent maintenance. If you get injured in such a situation, you can contact a premises liability lawyer who will assist you in filing a claim case.

Swimming Pool Accidents

swimming pool accidents

Swimming pool premise liability depends on the premise law of your state. To evaluate the penalty, the behavior of the allegedly injured victim and the owner are considered. Most states require the public swimming pool owner to take further safety measures like employing a lifeguard, fencing the swimming pool area, and putting depth markers. A private pool owner must own social guests and licensees of any hidden danger in the pool.

Dog Bites

Was the Dog Provoked

Either security dogs or dogs kept as pets by the premises owner can cause dog bites. If you get a dog bite from a dog left roaming in the compound during the daytime or without a leash, the property may be held liable. The dog owner will have to cover the cost of the injury even if the accident is outside the owners’ compound.


A premise liability case is ruled under two main conditions; the injury must have happened on the owner’s premises and resulted from the owners’ negligence. The most significant advantage of premise liability is that the property insurance policies can help cover the losses. Ensure you find a suitable premises liability lawyer who is trustworthy and communicates well with you.

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