Major Crimes
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5 Types Of Major Crimes In The USA

Different crimes in the US are rampant. From murders to robbery, sexual assaults to drug abuse, the level of violence in our neighborhoods is genuinely staggering.

The United States has the highest percentage of incarceration in the world. In 2009 alone, 2.3 million were incarcerated in the country, including local jails, federal, and state prisons. This means that the government jails 793 people for every 100,000 individuals in the national population.

Looking at the demographic of those who were jailed in recent years, nearly 1.5 million prisoners were males, while over 580,000 were of the African-American race. In terms of the crimes, almost 725,000 of these prisoners were charged with violent crimes, and 250,000 were charged with property crimes.

Violent crimes include murder, homicide, rape, and assault. Property crimes include burglary, theft, and arson. You can learn more about the sentencing of these crimes in this blog post.

For now, you should learn five of the major types of crimes being committed in the US:

1. Rape

The term rape refers to non-consensual sex or sexual penetration without the consent of the victim, usually characterized by physical force or violence. Some forms of non-consensual sex are Oral sex, vaginal sex, and anal sex.

Rape is an act of violent penetration into one person’s body by another person, forcibly removing parts of the body and leaving marks. It’s a crime under American law; in most states in the United States, it’s a felony, with a possible sentence of up to 15 years imprisonment.

Rape is often used in court to charge and put a name to various acts of sexual violence. For instance, a partner who accuses a partner of rape may do so to receive some compensation for the trauma they have suffered.

2. Kidnapping

Under the definition of the crime itself, ‘kidnapping’ a person refers to forcibly taking a person against their will through the threat of physical harm.

Kidnapping is a felony involving the deprivation of an individual’s liberty. However, the nature of the crime can greatly vary, depending upon the state in which the alleged offense is committed and how the defendant is ultimately convicted.

3. Homicide


A study was conducted between 2005 and 2012 found that the average homicide rate in the US was 4.9 for every 100,000 people. The number is quite close to the global homicide rate of 6.2. Thus, compared to other developing countries, the US is one of the countries with the highest murder rates.

Some homicide may also qualify as second-degree murder, which is punished by imprisonment for life without parole. When a person is killed through another crime commission, the suspect may be prosecuted for the offense even though they may not have intentionally killed. In some states, a person who kills another person through the commission of an unlawful act may still be prosecuted for murder if they intended to kill the victim. When a homicide occurs during an illegal act, the accused may be punished by imprisonment only if they intended to kill the victim.

4. Burglary


Burglary is one of the most common types of crimes in the US. Burglary, also known as breaking and, occasionally, housebreaking, is an illegal entry into a structure or other locations to commit a crime, usually theft.

Burglary laws vary significantly from state to state. Some states treat burglary as a more severe offense that carries significantly stiffer penalties than other states.

Burglary is a felony charge, carrying the maximum penalty range of up to 10 years in prison for first-degree burglary offenses and 15 years in prison for second-degree burglary offenses.

These maximum penalties also increase if the burglary occurs near a school, church, public park, or other property owned by a state agency. Burglary with a weapon is also a serious crime, carrying the highest penalties in some states, like Florida.

5. Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes

Drug crimes are another form of violent crime in the US. Drug trafficking involves the transportation, production, possession, or distribution of controlled substances. This type of crime can involve illegal drugs, including cocaine, crack, methamphetamine, heroin, and marijuana.


There are several crimes in the US that range from minor to major crimes. Based on their seriousness, some crimes are felonies while some are misdemeanors.

If a person is accused of these crimes, they need to work with a defense attorney to prove their innocence or reduce their charges.

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