Car Accident Lawsuit
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What Are The Types Of Liability Claims In A Car Accident Lawsuit?

Orange County is known to be the most susceptible area for car accidents in Southern California. Although it offers many amusement wonders to tourists worldwide, car accidents in Orange County pose a constant danger to the residents. Due to its umpteen congested traffic roads and highways, road accidents are bound to happen every day in Orange County. Additionally, there are some common factors like; distracted drivers, drunk driving, speeding, and substandard road conditions, which lead to road accidents causing harm and injury to the people involved, which sometimes can even be life-threatening!

Car accidents have become a part of our daily life, whether it be the experience or actual involvement. Car accidents can pose an obstinate threat to the future of the person who’s injured due to road rage. That is why it is integral to grasp the consequences of car accidents in Orange County, especially from a legal perspective. From the plaintiff’s perspective, it does not merely suffice to put the defendant in jail. So to recover the cost of damages, the plaintiffs are entitled to make liability claims. But there’s more to it, mentioned down below.

What Losses Are Incurred In A Car Accident?

There isn’t much of a debate regarding the losses you have to deal with if you are involved in any of the rising car accidents in Orange County. Losses are of many kinds, and it’s known for a fact that merely economic losses aren’t a benchmark to judge the type of crisis a person goes through in the aftermath. Mental turmoil is very much a disturbing factor contributing to the loss. Besides, a person would have to go through costs of repair damages and the loss of a stable income, among many other kinds of losses.

Can I Claim My Damages From The Car Accident?

Before coming to the point, we deem it fit to inform you that a car accident may occur due to various reasons. One of them being negligence, which is the most common cause found for such an incident. Their laws for personal Injury damage claims in California have been designed in a specific manner to set the plaintiff in the position they were in before the car accident. It may or may not entirely be your fault if you are a victim of a car accident in Orange County, but if you have suffered an injury, you can undoubtedly claim money damages, to make the loss much more comfortable to bear.

Types Of Liability Claims I Am Entitled To

In most of the states in the US, some legal and procedural obstacles deter the victim/plaintiff from acquiring fair compensation for damages in car accidents. However, since California is a tort state, the driver at-fault is deemed responsible for recompensing the damages the other party has incurred. Thus, you can receive a minimum of three types of liability claims/damages in a lawsuit for an auto accident in California. These are mentioned down below:

1. Claims For Medical Expenses

A long-time resident of Orange County might be aware that medical expenses in this area are mind-boggling. Any person involved in a serious car accident in Orange County should consult with a local car accident lawyer like Barrios & Machado after getting emergency medical help. The costs related to the accident can easily exceed $100,000. Since many of Orange County residents find this figure to be exorbitant and can’t afford to pay such an amount, it only seems right to claim these damages from the one who has caused you harm.

2. Claims For Lost Wages And Time

If you file for a lawsuit following your car accident and are successful, you may receive a reward for damages of lost wages. Claims for lost wages and lost times are significant liability claims the court of California takes into account. This is generally done to ensure that the person involved in the Orange County car accident is well compensated for the money and time you lose because of your injuries and recovery. It is essential to consider that the direct loss of present and potential future wages can be used as a coherent argument for your case.

3. Claims For Pain And Suffering

An accident is no child’s play. It bears severe consequences depending on the severity of the injuries one endures. Having to go through emotional and physical pain, along with worries about what this will cost you and your family, can be outrageous. While no one can compensate for the pain and suffering an accident causes you and your family, damages awarded for this rendition can surely improve the quality of your life. However, these claims are awarded based on the kind of injury you’ve sustained and the effect it has had on your life.

Recovery For Damages –  A Helping Hand

To summarise things up, car accidents can tarnish both your physical and emotional health. Not only this, the aftermath of car accidents in Orange County can be much more dangerous for your loved ones to bear. Consequently, you might get confused as to what to do after you’ve met with an accident, regardless of your part of negligence involved or not. Thus, it would be best if you had an astutely qualified and experienced car accident or a personal injury lawyer by your side, who could help you successfully recover your claims for the costs of damages you have borne.

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