Personal Injury Laws
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What Types of Accidents Come Under the Personal Injury Laws?

Law of Torts, also known as personal injury laws, has become a topic of discussion and speculation. They fall under the category of civil suits, allowing an injured person to be able to file a lawsuit for damages. The damages are directly proportional to the loss the person suffered from the accident.

Personal Injury Claim

The primary purpose or objective of the personal injury laws is to fully compensate the injured party and keep them in the same position as before the incident happened. The law applies to any person who has suffered a loss because of intentional or negligent acts of the other party.

Some of the common causes of civil suits that give rise to the right to recover damages are Accidents, Negligence of another party, Nuisance, Defamation, Assault, etc.

Situations where tort law is applicable

Personal Injury Case

There are multiple situations where people can apply personal injury laws; some of these are-

  • Accidents- The tort law applies to people who act negligently and in a rash way, thus causing harm to people. Some of the examples are car accidents, nuisances, and malpractice in medical cases.
  • Intentional acts of the party- Situation where a party’s deliberate act causes hurt to another party. In such cases, the injured party can file a civil complaint and recover damages. Some of the intentional acts under tort law cases come in the form of different types of intentional assault.
  • Defective Products- There are cases where people are hurt or suffer damage because of defective and dangerous products with no-fault of their own. The injured party can recover damages from the party because of whom the party got harmed in the first place. Under this category, people will face strict liability. In cases of defective products, the court does not go for wrongful behavior. Rather, it presumes the responsibility on the person who is at fault.
  • Defamation- Tort law applies to defamation cases as well, where people try to tarnish the reputation of another party by publishing false and derogatory things about them.

What does not come under personal injury laws?

Economic Damages

Injuries are immediate and general, and personal injury laws cover direct bodily injury. A person who witnesses the incident and does not suffer from any injury cannot claim compensation for the incident. Though there are exceptions, such as a person who saw the incident and suffered from emotional distress to a large extent. In such cases, they might get compensation for their mental injury.

Thus, one can conclude that tort law cases are an essential part of the society as they deal with day-to-day cases of people’s lives and help get people back to normal as they were before the incident. For more queries regarding personal injury laws, you can visit Mark E. Seitelman Law Offices, P.C. Filing a suit in multiple cases is a lengthy process, and the assistance of a qualified attorney proves indispensable in this regard. Dealing with legal issues is no easy task and professional intervention is a necessity. Hiring an attorney makes things easier for you to handle a case.

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