Reconstructing the Truck Accident
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Reconstructing the Truck Accident Scene – Why is it Essential for Proving Negligence?

Every truck accident has a terrible outcome. It can lead to both injuries and death. Such a crash is a dangerous thing to take place on the roads. And if you are all set to file an insurance claim or a personal injury lawsuit, you need to investigate the accident scene for developing your case. It is here that truck accident reconstruction plays an important role.

Many people get injured in a truck accident while on the job. In such cases, the expert truck accident attorneys highlight the relevance of truck accident reconstruction.

Understanding the accident scene reconstruction

Truck Accident

Simply put, accident reconstruction is the method of obtaining essential data about the accident and assessing it to outline the cause. This method can provide you with the relevant data to highlight the factors that resulted in the accident and the way it might have been avoided. Additionally, the accident reconstruction can assist the attorneys in deciding the multiple aspects of the accident scene, such as:

  • When the truck for decelerated and accelerated
  • Time, position, and speed of the vehicle histories included in the accident
  • The travel direction
  • The way the accident occurred
  • The impact point speed
  • The way human factors played a role in the accident
  • The force directions

The way a truck accident reconstruction works

The Importance Of Truck Accident Reconstruction

The accident reconstruction expert will collate the necessary evidence based on the collision. If they get hired fast, the accident reconstructionist will head to the accident scene and collect essential evidence, such as vehicle damage, photographing skid marks, and any other damages that might have happened during the crash.

Also, if the crash isn’t fresh, the reconstruction expert can assess any images taken during the accident and the time of vehicle damage. The data gets used in accident reconstruction software for assessing the accident. A few variables that the reconstruction expert will consider are:

  • Vehicle weight
  • Vehicle dimension
  • Travel direction
  • The surfaces traveled
  • Braking and steering data
  • Weather conditions
  • Road conditions

Also, the reconstruction program can generate time histories of vehicle trajectory. The expert can carry out several experiments that can differ the travel angles and speed and various other data until the simulation matches the physical evidence in the accident.

The crash data gets evaluated depending on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration crash test. The vehicle’s damage profiles get created to compare the differences between the crashed truck and the images.

Last but not least, an expert accident reconstructionist must have precise data concerning the vehicle’s resting position. That way the simulation will be precise about the speed of the truck and the motion that took place post the impact. Additionally, the concerned law enforcement officer who had initially responded to the accident scene might have made such measurements. Alternatively, an investigator from any trucking organization might also visit the accident scene. When the accident reconstruction scene takes place effectively, then you have a chance to prove the negligence of the opposite party and get your claims recovered. Here your lawyer can help you from the start to the end of the legal case.

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