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What Should I Look For In An Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney?

A criminal defense attorney is a powerful person. They can help decide your fate, they can help you better understand what is going on with your case, and they can help you to feel better about your particular proceedings and what you are dealing with. So what should you be looking for in a defense attorney? Keep reading to find out.

Traits Of A Good Orlando Criminal Defense Attorney

Local Advantage

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When it comes to an Orlando criminal defense attorney, a smaller firm with a local advantage is a great thing. One reason that local attorneys are so much more beneficial is that they are likely to be familiar with the judges, other attorneys, and the way that the proceedings in a particular jurisdiction take place. They are also going to be easier to get in touch with and to meet with when needed. When it comes to criminal defense cases, it is necessary to visit with your Orlando Criminal defense attorney multiple times and an attorney that is local is going to be easier to meet with than one that is located far from home.

Local advantage also helps your attorney have a better relationship with the community, with the other people that are going to be involved with the trial, and even with the other lawyers. This is beneficial as it helps you to better understand what the process is going to be and to get an even more accurate visual of how the trial might go with certain players in place.

Personal Connection

Another factor to consider is finding an attorney that is going to build a personal relationship with you and the people working the case alongside you. A personal connection is a big part of creating a believable narrative in court and does go a long way in terms of creating a strong case that is going to be received well. Smaller law firms are often best for getting that personal, one on one attention that you want and need in order to have full confidence in your Orlando criminal defense attorney. At Panella Law Firm we work to make sure that you feel like family and that you are going to be in great hands.

A personal connection also helps you to feel that the attorney actually cares what happens to you and what the outcome of the trial is. This helps you relax. It helps reduce your stress, and it helps the trial go smoothly as opposed to an attorney you do not trust.


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Experience is the last and possibly most important thing to look for. You do not want an attorney that has only tried a few cases or that has a bad track record for losing. You have the right to question your attorney about their success rate, about what the normal outcome for their cases is, and how long they have been in the game. Attorneys are going to be willing to let you know what they have done in the past, they will help you to learn what their track record is, and they may be able to tell you about other cases that they have done.

An attorney that has a good track record and that has tried many cases is going to have more knowledge about the process, they are going to be able to draw from other cases that they have had, and they are going to be able to relate information to you and help you to better understand what is going on. Your attorney is going to be more likely to succeed if they have experience and if they have tried cases similar to yours at some time or other.

Take Your Time Choosing Your Attorney

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No matter what type of lawyer you ultimately choose, it is important that you take your time in choosing. Choosing the first lawyer that comes up in a search can be detrimental to your case, it can take away from the relationship that you might build with your attorney, and it can set you up for failure. It is crucial that you take the time to find the right lawyer, look at all your options, and make sure you have chosen the lawyer that is going to fight for you.

The flashiest and best-known lawyer might not be the right choice for you, you might find that a lawyer from a much smaller firm is better equipped to handle your case. Taking your time in choosing can make such a big difference in how your case goes and in how happy you are with your representation overall at the end of the case.

There is no way to guess or to determine what the outcome of any one case might be just by meeting the attorney. An attorney that you trust and that you are willing to put your trust in is going to be far more likely to serve you well than one that simply does not care. Taking your time is a must and can make such a difference when you choose your Orlando criminal defense attorney for your case.


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