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These Top Ten Universities Are The Best Law Schools In The US

Taking your career into your hands and fully utilizing your opportunities to get what you want is always the best way to move forward! Those small few with lofty goals of changing the world through the legal frameworks know this intimately – because of that, they needed to research the best schools to make their dreams come true! It always pays to know the best places to send your applications because if you are accepted into these prestigious universities, you are more than guaranteed a lucrative and successful career. While these schools are the best available, they are also incredibly difficult, so be sure that you are ready to handle them! Here is the list of the absolute best universities in the US for law and some basic information about each.


Before we get into the list, just what makes one school better than another? According to business consultant Max Malak, there are several factors from peer assessment scores to lawyer and judge assessment scores. Placement, undergrad GPA, acceptance rate, and selectivity are also factors considered in selecting these schools. There are many more, ensuring that these schools are ranked favorably and fairly. So it’s important to study as hard as you can now, or find other ways of boosting your GPA while you can!

You can always buy custom paper that you want, or a variety of other options, like taking practice LSAT tests, to prepare yourself for the best school you can get into. The key is to start today!

The Best Law Schools In The US

1) Yale University

Yale University

Coming in at #1, the world-famous Yale University takes the prize for the most illustrious law school in the country. With an application deadline of Feb 28, a fee of $85, and full-time tuition of almost $70,000, those going to Yale know that they’re working towards something truly special. Yale is a unique law school in that there are no areas of concentration and degrees are offered based on the classes taken. In addition, there are no grades given at Yale during the first year and are only afterward graded with “honors,” “pass,” “low pass,” “credit,” or “failure.” Among notable alumni are the supreme court justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito, as well as former president Bill Clinton.

2) Stanford University

In the warm and beautiful state of California, Stanford takes top billing at #2. With similar tuition and fee as Yale, this leading university is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and only 35 miles south of San Francisco. At a stunning 8,200 acres, the university stretches from Menlo Park to Palo Alto and beyond. The school has a comprehensive law program focusing on many different aspects of law, including Corporate Governance and Practice, Environmental Law and Policy, International Economic Law, Business and Policy, Law, Science and Technology, and many more. A fantastic destination for any law student to consider!

3) Harvard University

Coming in at #3 is the world-famous Harvard University. With full-time tuition coming in at a little over $67,000, Harvard has long since gotten the best and brightest people to join their ranks. In another school with unique graduation procedures, students – like Yale – receive distinctions of “honors,” “pass,” “low pass,” and “fail.” They even have a Low Income Protection Plan to assist graduates in managing their student loans. There are many famous alumni from Harvard, including former President Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, and many current and former Supreme Court Justices.

4) Columbia University

Established in 1754 as King’s College, Columbia University has the distinction of being 4th place on this list and is the 5th oldest institution of higher learning in the US. Established by royal charter from George II, it was renamed Columbia College in 1784 after the American Revolution was fought. With an endowment of over $11 billion dollars, Columbia ranks in the most prosperous academic institutions in the world as well. The law school at Columbia is world-class and any student with the pleasure to go there will be well served by its offerings!

5) University Of Chicago

University Of Chicago

This private research university in Illinois, founded in 1890, has been a mainstay for law professionals for decades. The university has played a crucial role in the foundation of the development of many academic disciplines, such as economics, physics, religion, sociology, literary criticism, mathematics, and, most importantly, law! Boasting an incredible 101 Nobel laureates, the university truly is world-class and their law school is incredibly prestigious.

6) University Of Pennsylvania (Carey)

One of the many universities offering a cross-disciplinary slant for their education scheme, this university stands among the best for its various offerings and proven excellence. Penn Law students, unlike other law schools, are able to enroll in courses in any other academic department, ensuring a well-rounded and versatile education. This, of course, means that other students at Penn can take Law courses as well!

7) University Of Virginia

Runs on an extremely strict student-run honor system, students must pledge not to lie, cheat, or steal, and anyone that is found guilty of a crime is expelled immediately from the school. This unique system has given rise to some incredible students throughout the years and has given students great freedom and responsibility in terms of how they go about their education.

8) University Of California – Berkeley

University Of California – Berkeley

Yet another university that eschews letter grades in favor of other, more interesting and creative, styles, the University of California – Berkeley offers many unique courses and does not rank the students among their peers. Being extremely close to the beach or to San Francisco, this metropolitan location appeals to many of the students looking to get a world-class education there and technological-related studies are among the best in the world.

9) Duke University

With a massive endowment of $12.7 billion dollars, almost 10,000 campus employees, and 8,600 acres of land, Duke is a colossus in the university rankings and their law school is no less significant. Undergraduate admissions are among the most selective of all of the universities in the country and Duke itself spends over $1 billion dollars on research per year, attracting only the best and brightest to join their ranks. Getting a law degree at Duke is truly reserved for the best of the best!

10) University Of Michigan – Ann Arbor

Coming in last but certainly no less prestigious than the others, the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor is a tremendously successful university with a world-class law degree that would be the envy of most people in the world. Allowing students to get a start on their legal education in the summer, this school almost uniquely caters to the needs and desires of law students in their purview.

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