Spousal Disputes
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Top 5 Types Of Spousal Disputes

One reason why couples split is because of conflict resolution. All couples experience conflict in their relationship, but the difference between couples who thrive and those who dissipate is how they approach their conflict.

So what are some of the most popular spousal disputes? How can you know when they’re small conflicts versus larger problems?

Here are some spousal arguments you need to be aware of.

Types Of Spousal Disputes

1. Finances


How to manage your finances as a married couple is one of the largest marriage problems. Each person comes to marriage with an idea of how they want to spend (or earn) their money and it’s not always met with a thumbs up.

Sometimes one spouse is particularly stressed about money, while the other is not breeding even more tension. While having the money talk with your spouse can be frustrating at times, it’s much better to get everything out in the open and work through it together than filing for divorce. Learn more about your rights and finances if something happens to your spouse by reading Spousal Rights After Death.

2. Unmet Expectations

When people get married, they’re bringing a set of unsaid expectations into their relationship. Many times, we do not even know we carry these expectations until they’re unmet and conflict ensues.

Being realistic and upfront about what you expect in your relationship will diffuse a lot of the tension and help resolve problems. Also, knowing what’s expected of you means that you can be a great partner as well.

3. Children


Having the children talk with your spouse is another reason for common marriage problems. Some spouses don’t want kids, while the others want several. Learning to listen to each other in this area is vital because you will be caring for children together.

Another area that deals with children are when couples can’t agree on how to discipline, educate, or care for their children together. Not only is this damaging to the relationship, but for the children as well.

4. Intimacy

Intimacy is another source of spousal arguments. When one spouse desires sex more than the other, there might be bitterness, resentment, and even frustration or anger building in them. They might even look elsewhere for sex.

There’s likely a wealth of deep-seated reasons why one partner doesn’t want sex as frequently and another does. In some cases, one spouse may become abusive and that’s when it’s time to call a lawyer.

5. Time


When you get married, the idea is that you’re going to spend the rest of your lives together. However, after a few years of marriage, you might want to have a little time to yourself.

The decision on how to spend your time (or your spouses) can be a source of contention, especially when your spouse doesn’t like how you spend your time. In any case, it’s important to have these conversations as openly and honestly as possible so you can compromise.

Spousal Disputes Resolved

When spousal disputes are resolved you can live at peace in your relationship. But being open and willing to discuss certain disputes is key to communicating your relationship.

Are you and your spouse locked in an argument and need help coming to an agreement? Contact one of our lawyers today to get your dispute heard and resolved.


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