Sexual Assault Attorney
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4 Top Tips on Hiring a Good Sexual Assault Attorney

Sexual assault is a sensitive topic. In particular, emotions can ride high from such an experience. However, if you have such a charge placed upon you, you need to hire a good sexual assault attorney to ensure you’ll get a win because losing such a case could spell the end of your social standing.

From the start, you should know better than to talk to any third parties or the police. You should instead ask for your lawyer straight out or legal representation when lacking one. It’s also crucial to collect as many adequate witnesses as possible.

1. Hire Only An Experienced Criminal Lawyer

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hire a good sexual assault attorney if you’re faced with a sexual assault charge. Beating the allegation in the court of public opinion is quite difficult so you might as well “lawyer-up”. It’s not a sign of guilt—it’s the best step forward to minimize damage to your reputation even when faced with bogus charges.

A good Maryland sexual assault lawyer should be experienced. Do online research or consult with any lawyer acquaintances you might have for the best course of action and for the best lawyer you could find. Specifically, search for a criminal lawyer who specializes in these cases.

2. Don’t Talk To Third Parties

Talking to third parties can end up biting you back in the end. It’s best to get legal representation now to have a case dismissed due to lack of evidence than to have secondhand or third-hand accounts to ruin the case before it even goes to trial.

The other party can use any information you’ve accidentally divulged to others. You can also be made to look aggressive by the prosecutor by simply speaking out against the charges while the other party looks innocent instead.

3. Don’t Talk To The Police Or The Other Party

Police asking question

The police aren’t your friends. Talk to the police only when you have your lawyer with you. Remember your Miranda rights—you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law, so avoid divulging such info accidentally.

It’s also best to not talk to the other party as much as you’re tempted to do so. Even if you believe you can talk things out and get the case dropped. You could have more charges thrown at you, particularly if there’s already a restraining order placed against you!

4. Collect Evidence And Trust Your Lawyer

Lawyer and client

Collect evidence to build your case and assist your sexual assault attorney. Good legal representation will do most of the legwork for you but you also have to do your part to give them a head start. Think about anyone who could be potential witnesses when the incident happened.

It’s even better if the incident has been recorded on camera so that you have objective evidence to dispel rumors and accusations.  It’s best to err on the side of caution and expect the worst, especially if the other party has threatened to sue so you’ve come across this article searching for assistance.

Always Remember This As Well

As a matter of course, hire a lawyer who has won a lot of cases similar to the ones you’re facing. Also, make sure you have the funds needed to pay for such a lawyer.

Most law firms have payment plans available that’s well worth it in order to save your reputation and stop you from getting a criminal record as a sexual predator. You can pay them off in months or years depending on your paycheck.

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