Top 8 Weirdest Laws in the State of Kentucky
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Top 8 Weirdest Laws in the State of Kentucky

Are you planning to visit Kentucky? Do you live in Kentucky and want to make sure you’re not doing anything illegal. Or, are you like most of us looking to laugh some of the strangest and weirdest laws out there.

If you’re a fan of hearing about the world’s weirdest laws, this read is for you strange laws in Kentucky.

Strange Laws in Kentucky

We get it, most laws are pretty dumb. But there are some that stand far above the rest when it comes to silly. These strange laws in Kentucky are up there as some of the most strange weirdest laws, but so you’re not in trouble with the system, you might want to skim through them!

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1. You Gotta Shower

That’s the law.

At least once a year, you must shower in Kentucky.

For whatever the reason was, the strange laws in Kentucky government saw it best to make sure it’s citizens were bathing at least once a year. There could have been a disease or it might have been a way to prevent vagabonds from roaming around.

Nevertheless, not a bad law if you ask us! Why walk around your streets or trails all stinky? And who doesn’t enjoy a nice hot shower?

2. Sell 6 or More or Face You’ll Face The Prison Door!

Have you ever bought a dyed duck? Can’t say we have.

But in Kentucky, if you’re looking to SELL dyed ducks you better have a strategic sales plan because if you don’t sell at least 6 you’re looking at a $500 fine.

So make sure you have one in every color! We’d hate for you to sell 5 and then…well…not have a key-lime-pie-green duck for Chuck and be out more than you made.

3. Careful Wearing Red

Apparently, a woman wearing red panties on Sunday must marry the first man who proposes to her. Pretty wild if you ask us.

But it’s a thing (or at least it was!) Not sure it’ll get enforced today, though. So don’t get any crazy ideas you single bachelors out there!

Even if it is still in the books, odds are that trying to flex this law won’t end well for anyone!

4. Park and Shoot

It is illegal to hunt an animal from a moving vehicle in Kentucky.

Unless it’s a whale.

If you see a whale running around the mountains feel free to fire from your pick-up-truck window because that option is legal (depending on location.)

We’re not kidding here…the law says no hunting from a moving vehicle with the exception of a whale.

So…pull over, park your car, or truck or whatever, and then go hunting.

Unless you see that Baluga water spout.

5. Hiss Hiss?

Not in Kentucky.

No snakes — or any reptiles for that matter — are to be in religious ceremonies.

For whatever reason, be it fear of the devil or witches or dark magic, snakes and other reptiles got banned from religious ceremonies back in 1942.

Law KRS 437.060 threatens a fine of $50-$100, which back then was a little more intimidating than it may be today. Still, you know how much snake bits can cost you in hospitalization and vaccination charges?

Might as well keep the lizards at home and under their hellish heat lamps.

6. Don’t Throw Tomatoes

Throwing tomatoes isn’t the crime unless it’s at a public speaker.

You’ve might have seen plenty of cartoons where a character gets booed off stage and the audience starts tossing bright red vegetables at them. Well, apparently, the people of Kentucky in the 1800s had the same ideas, and it became a major problem.

Rotten eggs and tomatoes we’re banned the throwable list. Not sure if the list also banned things like rocks because those seem much worse.

Back then harming a public speaker with this type of assault could wind you up with a year in jail to think about what you did. In today’s world that assault crime might get you in even more trouble!

7. Women in Bikini’s Need Law Enforcement Protection

Women’s safety is something that still needs more attention and public awareness in today’s world. And we’re not sure the people of Kentucky had the right ideas back when they enforced law KRS 436.140, but we can hope they did.

Although this law has recently been repealed, it was illegal for women to wear a bikini and walk down a Kentucky state highway unless they are being escorted by a police officer.

This might have been for their protection, or it was for some other obscure reason. Whatever the case may be, you might want to keep your swimwear for the beach.

8. Pooches and Cars Are Forbidden From Sex

If you didn’t know, vehicles can not give consent. And K9s are not great at asking.

In Fort Thomas Kentucky, a law got put into place to keep dogs from molesting cars.

Yep. You read that right.

For whatever reason, there must have been a surplus of people’s beloved pet’s chasing after cars and thinking they were the key to future to all dog kind.

Good thing the species survived by other means.

Still, if you’re traveling through Kentucky and you stop at some rest area in Fort Thomas, make sure you’re pooch is on a leash. If they run off to the nearest Ford and think it’s a mate you could be looking at some trouble with the law!

More Weirdest Laws

We hope this read on eight strange laws in Kentucky’s weirdest laws was insightful and humorous for you. Remember to sell at least 6 of those chickens! If you’re looking to learn a little more about current laws and some of their absurdities, check out our blog page where we have tons of content.

If you don’t see something there or if you’re hoping to get a little more clarification on something you do see, feel free to reach out and contact us! We’re here to help you any weird laws!

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