Top 5 SEO Tips for Law Firms
Halt | July 24, 2018 | 0 Comments

Top 5 SEO Tips for Law Firms

If you run a business these days, being ranked at the top of the lawyer SEO list is one of the most important keys to your success.  Having the right keywords embedded into various search engines is not only paramount, it’s imperative.  When you are a lawyer it’s even more important to have your firm’s’ name out there, since your ideal is to help citizens attain a fair or at least somewhat fair trial.  

96% of people that are seeking legal advice are doing so through a search engine, so here are some tips to get your name out there.

Select the Right Keywords

Pinpointing the best keywords that will create the greatest flow of traffic to your site is the first thing you should do.  Knowing your audience and obviously knowing your craft are the two components that will bring success to your SEO plans.   

Make Sure You Get Ranked

After you have chosen the optimal keywords that should make you a player on the web, you now need to confirm that you are getting the traffic you deserve.  Keeping up with the trending keywords should be a part of your job description in the year 2018.  This will allow you to know what is and what is not working and or getting your law firm ranked at the very top of people’s searches.

Interesting Content

You not only need to know your “stuff” you also need to have a website with credible and readable, interesting, eye-catching content.  These are the adjectives you should be striving for. You also should be ready to back up the claims you make within your content. Put your mouth where your money is, and mean it.

Inbound Links

Procuring the right inbound links can make or break your business.  If you are dialed into the correct keyword links that will bring a tidal wave of traffic to your website and law firm, you’ll reap the rewards not only financially but in how many people you can help to get a fair shake with the law and the powers that be.

Assess Your Progress

Taking stock of your progress will help you measure whether or not you’re using the right words in your placements.  There are so many things in life that we can’t control especially when it comes to running a law firm. Being on top of your search relatability is something that you can control, and it is something that will make or break your success in the industry.  

You got into the world of law for important reasons.  You don’t want those reasons to go unfounded and have your firm be lost by the wayside.  So take the proper steps to assure your presence with the online marketplace for those in need of a law firm to represent them.

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