Top 5 Reasons to Hire a DWI Attorney
Halt | September 16, 2018 | 0 Comments

Top 5 Reasons to Hire a DWI Attorney

OK, you got caught, arrested, sandbagged, pinched, maybe even trapped; now what?  You got pulled over and arrested for DWI. What should you do? The best thing you can do is hire a DWI lawyer.

Hiring a competent and knowledgeable DWI attorney could be the only good thing to come out of your getting arrested for a DWI, and here are the reasons why.

Avoid Jail

Depending on your previous record and or circumstances you may be facing jail after your DWI arrest.  This might even be true if it’s your first offense, although unlikely it’s still best to hire a DWI attorney who knows specific DWI laws in your state or the state of your arrest to keep you out of jail.  If it’s your second or third offense, or there are other extenuating circumstances then it is even more important for you to hire a good DWI lawyer.

Room to Negotiate

If you don’t hire a DWI lawyer you will not have any room for negotiation with the District Attorney and or Judge.  However, when you hire a DWI attorney they provide you with the opportunity to possibly negotiate a better deal.  They can get some fines reduced or perhaps spare you from spending time in jail if they have the right clout with the D.A. and Judge.  They can also keep you out of community service or negate extended probation times.

The Road Less Traveled

When you hire a DWI attorney they may be able to see a defense for your case that is not quite obvious.  Remember it’s a lawyer’s job to know and find loopholes in laws or flat out holes in the prosecution’s case.  A good DWI attorney will be on top of this and if there is any way to present a different take or different type of defense than the standard one, they will.

Back to School

Another way a good DWI lawyer could help your case is by advising which if any is the best educational program for you to take before your court appearance.  Some courts look positively upon this type of proactiveness and some don’t. Your lawyer should know the answer to this if they are competent. The educational programs consist of alcohol or drunk driving awareness classes and or A.A. meetings.  

Character References

It can be beneficial to have written character references to present to the judge presiding over your case.  However, many people do this without getting much credit for it.  This happens because the judge doesn’t put much emphasis on the references since they are often written poorly or incorrectly.  Hiring the right DWI attorney will explain to you what kind of references are needed and the best way to go about presenting them.

It is an awful experience getting a DWI, however, if it ever does happen to you then these tips will help your cause and bring a little jump back in your step.

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