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Top 5 Professional Lawyer Business Cards Tips

There are over 1.3 million lawyers in the US. In such a crowded field, how does your firm stand out?

Getting noticed, attracting new clients, and securing repeat business is essential for all lawyers. One way to help with this is to stand out with your business card.

A professional lawyer business card makes a strong first impression and helps you be remembered. Using a well-designed business card and implementing countless networking tips can catapult your career in the legal industry. But how can you create a memorable and impressive card? Do you have any idea of where and how you can start?

Read on for five top tips for designing your legal business card

1. Use Your Firm’s Colors

Branding is important for any business, and law is no exception. Design your business card using the colors of your firm. This will help build brand association and recognition. If your firm doesn’t have colors, considering keeping the color palette simple, such as black and white.

If you have a company logo, you can consider adding this as well, if it complements the design and isn’t a distraction on the card.

2. Be Professional

Looking professional on your attorney business cards should be your first consideration. Clients trust lawyers for their expertise, advice, and experience, so you want to demonstrate this on your cards. If possible, try to look professional, without being intimidating — you still want to look approachable to new clients and contacts.

You can also stand out by selecting a thicker card stock, which feels more substantial than a flimsier material.

Here are some business card design ideas to help you get started.

3. Select an Easy to Read Font for Your Lawyer Business Card

From a design perspective, business cards aren’t the time to get creative. Ignore the artistic and cursive fonts out there and go for something easy to read, simple, and minimalist.

The point of business cards is to make it easy for new clients to reach you, so make it as easy as possible for them by designing your card in a way that’s easy to read.

Popular font choices for business cards include Helvetica, Nevis, and Code.

4. Avoid Images

Gimmicky or cute images should always be avoided. You want to be taken seriously. Business cards are always small, so there’s no need for your photo, a clip-art image of the justice scales, or another unneeded image.

Other than perhaps your company logo, try to leave clean, open space on your card, focusing on the essential information only.

5. Keep it Simple

A minimalist look is always good for legal business cards. Law is a serious and important topic, and you are a trusted expert in this field. This should be reflected in your business card.

Inclusions can include your name, qualifications, firm name, address, and contact details, but don’t need much more than that.

A bold, minimalist card will stand out much more than one that appears crowded and busy.

Get Started

Now that you have some helpful ideas for your lawyer business card design, you can get started creating eye-catching and professional cards that will help with networking and attracting new clients.

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