Top 2 things Lawyers Can Do to Improve Their SEO
Halt | March 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

Top 2 things Lawyers Can Do to Improve Their SEO

Are you fresh out of law school?  Did you recently pass the bar? Perhaps you are studying for your LSAT and wanting to get ahead of the game?  Whatever your needs may be, getting on top of the SEO world is something you’re going to want to do, especially if you have thoughts of starting your own firm.  

Every single day people get arrested.  On top of that every single day people search the internet for answers, and of course, they search for legal advice. When you are a lawyer it’s vital to not only have an internet presence but to be reachable as well as searchable online. You can use this free website assessment tool to learn if your SEO strategies are working:

Now, I can’t speak for your firm and or practice or what it might be in the future but I think we can agree that having a clue in this department is a smart move for lawyer marketing.  I mean would you let the milk come before the cow?  You went to law school or at least college at this point, right?

So What Can You Do?

First of all hire someone who knows what they are doing.  Would you allow a public defender to represent you? Of course not, you know better.  Even if you had a traffic ticket or DUI you wouldn’t let a public defender represent you knowing what you know and understanding how the system works.  So, I guess the point here is that when it comes to SEO although it’s not a life and death thing it’s still important.

You can spin your wheels forever if you don’t make the right choice in regards to this.  And it will cost you. So, what can you do?

1. Quality High Domain Authority Backlinks

You spent so much time going to college and law school and now you are out on the world.  The thing is you may not know how to find quality high domain authority backlinks. Arming yourself with the proper real-world knowledge will save you a lot of stress, and better yet time.  

Simply put hire someone who knows how and what to do with SEO keywords.  Also, make sure that person can or has someone that can write the correct content for you.  

2. Local or Legal Niche Citations

Have a clear vision of where you are going for or what trying to do.  There are plenty of places online where you can find a list of free high quality legal niche citations.  With that said, none of us know what will happen next with Google’s algorithm, but coming up with a plan or guideline and vision of where we want to go is paramount for success.  This goes for SEO ranking also.  You’ve spent the last 7 or 9 years with your head face down in a book or two, plus, you haven’t slept all that much I imagine.

Take some time to evaluate your situation and what you really want in your law career.  After that, it’s time to get to work and get your butt on social media and in the SEO playbook.  You’ll be all the better off for it.

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