Top 10 Signs You Should Fire Your Personal Injury Attorney Immediately
Halt | October 1, 2018 | 0 Comments

Top 10 Signs You Should Fire Your Personal Injury Attorney Immediately

Having an accident is always difficult, and if that leads to a personal injury claim it can be extremely stressful. It can be made even harder if your personal injury attorney isn’t doing all they should be to help your claim. Here are our top ten signs you need to find a new accident lawyer.

Signs You Need a New Personal Injury Attorney

They Offered Discount Services

We all like a bargain, and there’s nothing wrong with firms offering more affordable rates. But it could also mean that they are desperate for new clients, and/or have a poor reputation.

Returning Calls

Having your accident attorney return your calls in a timely fashion is a bare minimum. If you’re having to chase them all the time? That’s a red flag.

Lack of Information

You should always be aware of what is happening with your case at any time. If you find that you are being left out of the loop, look for new injury lawyers.


Lawyers should treat you with respect, and act in a professional manner at all times. If you find that your lawyer’s behavior is falling below the standard, then look for someone who can do better.

Nobody Knows Your Name

The staff at your injury lawyers should know the names of all those they are currently representing. If you call, and you feel like a stranger, that’s a bad sign.

You Don’t Know Their Name

Likewise, if every time you call you find you’re speaking to a different person, that’s not a great sign. A high staff turnover can indicate a deeper problem, and you don’t want to have to explain yourself repeatedly.

Negative Reviews

Social media is a useful source of information for how other clients have been treated by the company. Websites such as Avvo offers clients the chance to leave attorney reviews, so you may find information there.


While we should all have the benefit of learning from our mistakes, you really want expert behavior from your lawyer. If they have been disciplined by the state bar, that could indicate problems.

You Disagree with Them

You’re hiring a lawyer because they are an expert in the law, but it is still your case. If you don’t agree with the way your lawyer wants to handle the case and they can’t persuade you? It’s time to say goodbye.

Lack of Success

If rulings are going against you, that seem like they should be winnable? That’s another reason to terminate the agreement. If your lawyer can’t deliver, find another who can.

Finding a New Attorney

It can take time and money to find a new personal injury attorney, so you will want to take steps to ensure that you can find a replacement first. If you’re wondering ‘How do I find a personal injury lawyer near me?’ then look no further than our search feature which will put you in touch with reputable firms such as

If you have any other questions about finding a replacement lawyer, then please get in touch today.

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