Freshman Year
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8 Tools That Will Help You Through Freshman Year Of Law School

Opting for a career in law can be a great way to ensure a successful future, stable and high pay, and high quality of life. However, before you get there, you must survive through law school.

We all know that being a student can get extremely stressful. But, when you get into such a complex major as law, it can get even more unbearable, especially through your freshman year. Luckily, these days, there are plenty of handy tools for various purposes designed to help you through these hard times. They can also make your freshman year stress-free. In this article, we are going to tell you about a few of such tools that will make your life easier!

Tools That Will Help You Through Freshman Year

1. EssayPro


The first major issue facing all law students is the huge amount of homework assignments and academic papers. All of these they have to complete throughout the year. Yet, they often get put off till the end. And while you might get used to it by the second or third year of your studies, during the freshman year, it can feel especially stressful. Thus, the first handy tool that all freshmen should have at hand is a reliable academic helper like EssayPro. EssayPro is a place where students of all academic levels can get quick help with their papers from qualified writers. It is a place where you can just come saying, “please, do my math homework for me cheap,” and get quality help. As much so that they can even ensure high grades for your assignments. What is more, EssayPro’s team can assist you with a variety of subjects, topics, and paper types. This is a universal service designed to make your life simple. And it is really worth giving it a try!

2. Evernote

During the first year of your studies, you will have to get used to receiving and processing tons of valuable information. At first, your lectures can feel rather challenging. But, if you want to make things simpler, there is another great tool for you! Evernote is known as one of the best productivity tools for taking, organizing, managing, and storing notes.

This app comes with a variety of great features. It allows you to take notes on any device, compliment them with different audio and visual files, collaborate on your files, and do so much more. Definitely a must-have tool for ensuring your success in law school.

3. Dropbox

Becoming a student, you will automatically become responsible for handling tons of files. Regardless of the chosen major, they will include presentations, classwork, lectures, and much more. In today’s digital world, there is no doubt that you will be storing all vital documents on your gadgets. But, how will you ensure that your files are well-organized and safe? Dropbox helps to solve this issue.

This software was designed for storing and sharing all sorts of files. It is trusted and time-tested. Thus, it offers you a great opportunity to store all that matters to you in a single, secure place.

4. Scanner Pro

Scanner Pro

While studying in a law school, you will have to deal with loads of course documents. Unfortunately, not all professors may provide them in a digital format. Therefore, having in your pocket a smart tool that can scan documents for you is definitely not a bad idea. And Scanner Pro can handle this task for you.

It is a handy app that allows you to scan and save documents using just your smartphone. Be sure to install it before getting into your freshman year, and trust us, it will come in handy multiple times throughout your studies.

5. Class Timetable

One more common challenge the students are facing is the necessity to start managing their own schedules. First-years have a larger amount of classes compared to what they used to deal with at school. Getting on the right track can be tough. But, fortunately, there is Class Timetable—a convenient app that will help you manage your curriculum easily and yet effectively.

This app is a timetable that can fit into your pocket. Using it, you can keep track of all your classes and notes for every semester. It even lets you set important alerts, for example, for your deadlines or important tests. It’s basically a calendar. But much more convenient.

6. Loio


While all the previous tools that we’ve mentioned are designed for all students and professionals, this one was built specifically for legal purposes. Loio is a handy, AI-powered software that makes reviewing legal documents more efficient and simple.

Loio allows you to get instant insights on your documents, organize, and proofread them. It can offer suggestions on how to improve your files. The app can point to some critical mistakes, style or format errors, or mismatches in definitions or dates. It can help you spot a whole range of other mistakes that could be made specifically in law documents. Also, the app enables you to store all your data in one place. So, be sure to give it a try!

7. Voice Memo

In the 21st century, taking notes by hand is no longer a way to go when you are a student. But, sometimes, even typing notes can be too much to handle, especially when you are a freshman who can’t type too fast. If you still don’t want to miss out on anything important from the lectures, all you need is Voice Memo.

As you can easily guess from its name, Voice Memo is an app that enables you to record your lectures. It can be extremely helpful for audio learners. It allows you to have all your lectures recorded fully and go back to them while studying for classes or tests.

8. Calm

When we think about the challenges of being a first-year student, most ponder about the challenging classes. Long lectures, tons of homework, and other studying-related problems keep their days busy. But, what many forget about is that the biggest challenge for every freshman in the freshman year is handling larger levels of stress.

Indeed, having so many changes occurring in your life at a single moment can make you feel stressed and anxious. And, often, all the further issues you face in your academics turn out to be more pressing just because you can’t find a way to manage your stress.

With that being said, we want to stress the importance of taking good care of your mental health during your first year of law school. And Calm is the right tool to use for this purpose! This app is available for smartphones and computers. It contains plenty of useful features that can help you relieve stress. you can find

  • guides on meditation;
  • instructions of how to live your life mindfully;
  • advice on productivity;
  • directions for planning the day.

You can easily become more productive following them.

The Bottom Line

No matter how hard it can seem to get through your freshman year of law school, there are tools to help you. Now you know that there are plenty of methods to reduce the tension and make this time simpler. Each app we’ve shared with you in this article has its own purpose. But, when you start using them together, they can make a real difference and help you become your most productive self.

Hopefully, each of you will find something helpful in this article. Don’t hesitate to test the apps you now know about, and we bet that they will help make your student life better!

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