Drunk Driving Accidents
Halt | November 17, 2020 | 0 Comments

Tips To Prevent Drunk Driving Accidents

Unfortunately, drunk driving is still rampant even when we all know how dangerous it can be and the many deaths it causes every day. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to minimize the chances of sustaining injury or damage from a car accident caused by a drunk driver.

Here are some tips to check out

Wear a Seatbelt

This is a no brainer but still needs emphasizing. Wear a seatbelt and ask all your passengers to do the same. Failure to do puts you at a ten times higher risk to sustain a major injury.

Avoid Driving Late at Night

Over 75% of fatal accidents with drunk drivers happen at night. The biggest percentage of drunk people on the road is usually between 12 and 3 am. So, avoid driving late at night if you don’t want to encounter drunk reckless drivers.

Maintain a Safe Following Distance

Keeping a safe distance between cars extends the period it takes for you to react if the driver in front of you brakes instantly. If the driver in front behaves erratically or suddenly hits the brakes, you will have more time to avoid a collision. Additionally, you’re less likely to be pushed into the vehicle in front if you’re rear-ended.

Be Extra Cautious at Intersections

About 40% of accidents happen at intersections. Even the best of us sometimes make mistakes at these locations, and so, drunk drivers are more susceptible. So, reduce the risk of an accident by driving cautiously at intersections.

Be a Designated Driver

If you choose to become a designated driver, you’ll minimize the risk of you and your friends sustaining injuries. You can take turns with your pals so that nobody makes the mistake of driving after drinking one too many.

Be Extra Cautious During Holidays

As well all know, liquor consumption is common during holidays. Accidents involving drunk driving drastically increases during this period. There’s a 38% increase in vehicle crashes during the holidays, especially Thanksgiving and New Years. So, be extra careful during holidays as the number of drunk drivers on the road is usually high. The last thing you need is to experience an accident during a day where everyone is celebrating and having fun.

Auto accidents can be traumatizing, and it’s unfortunate people still drive while drunk. With the tips mentioned above, you can greatly reduce the chances of becoming a victim.


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