Child Custody
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4 Tips From Law Experts To Help You Win Your Child Custody

A lot of parents are going to court to fight for custody of their children. It can be a long and expensive process, but there are ways you can help your chances of winning the case by following these four tips from law experts.

Tips To Help You Win Your Child Custody

1. Keep Excellent Records

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It is important to keep records of all expenses that were required for the children, including paperwork from school, doctor’s visits, and extracurricular activities. If you are not allowed unsupervised visitation with your child, then these documents will prove that your child’s life has barely changed during your absence. The family law experts from Koolik & Associates say that if you have filled an online divorce application, it may present you with a more favorable outcome. On top of that, it will also benefit you if you have filed for child support and often visit the children in person.

2. Make A Timeline Of Events

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Make a timeline of events leading up to the breakup of the family in an attempt to show any patterns of abuse or neglect towards yourself or toward the children. Documentation of past events can be helpful when determining custody arrangements after divorce because it shows which parent’s home would be more appropriate for the children at this time in their lives based on past experiences and current relationships.

A timeline is also necessary because it shows a clear picture of the child custody situation and how it has evolved throughout time. The more permanent you can make your timeline, the better it will serve as evidence in court.

3. Gather Letters Of Support

If you have been a stay-at-home parent, then it is important to gather letters of support from your child’s teachers and other professionals such as pediatricians or daycare providers, as well as letters from extended family members who might be willing to provide temporary foster care for the children. These letters will show that there are people in your community who can help with childcare so you are not stuck with the sole responsibility of watching the kids after divorce.

In addition to understanding what makes a strong case, a lawyer can also explain how child custody laws work in your state and which parenting strategies would be most beneficial for your children based on their age and gender.

4. Understand Your State Laws

Understand Your State Laws

Different states have different laws requiring certain factors to be considered when determining child custody arrangements. For instance, some states consider whether or not one or both parents has ever committed domestic abuse drug-related crimes before deciding which custody arrangement would be best for the children. Some states also require that child custody arrangements be modified if there is a large disparity in household income between each parent.

If you’re about to get divorced, then this article might just help you prepare for what’s to come. Custody might not be the end of the world, but it can be difficult to watch your children leave each week. If you want some help getting through this tough time in your life, you will need a good lawyer and all of your facts straight.

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