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Tips to File for Divorce in Texas without Lawyer’s Help

Divorces can be messy and costly, yet there are means to handle the process amicably. While instances such as adultery, abandonment, or cruelty may mean the divorce is fault-based, the process doesn’t always have to be draining. No-fault divorce, especially if it is not contested, can quickly and smoothly be managed, allowing both parties and the affected individuals, such as children have an easier time, all while saving money. While considering the divorce expenses, it is evident that cutting out the lawyer can save considerable finances. But do you know how to file for a divorce in Texas without a lawyer? Here are a few tips for setting you on the right track.

Know the eligibility criteria to file for divorce

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To file for divorce in Texas requires the petitioner or the respondent to meet a certain residency threshold. To be eligible, you should have resided in Texas for the last six months preceding the divorce filing. However, if Texas was the last place you lived as a couple in the last two years, you may still be eligible. The court may also exercise jurisdiction in certain cases but in line with Texas laws and the U.S constitution.

Get the affairs in order

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The quickest way to file and get a divorce in Texas without a lawyer is if it is not contested. This means the parties agree on everything before filing the divorce. The agreement makes the hearing more productive since the judge won’t have anything to resolve, which can drag the process. Agreements aren’t always easy to strike, but there are out-of-court means you can explore. For instance, mediation is a practical and productive approach that can help couples resolve their concerns and reach an amicable agreement on property divisions, child custody, visitations, and other responsibilities.

Understand the process

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What forms do you need to file? Are you required to pay anything? Is there a waiting period? Before you dive in, understanding such concepts is important. It avoids frustrating experiences such as going to file the divorce only to realize you need to pay a fee you can’t immediately provide, yet you don’t qualify for a waiver. The forms and the details required also ensure you are equipped with the necessary documents that you may need to counter-check the information to ensure you do it correctly.

You may also file for divorce and expect it to be done within a few weeks. This would be frustrating since, besides contacting the court coordinator to schedule a hearing, you’ll also have to wait through the cooling-off period before the judge signs the final decree. Having such details before you start the process makes progress more manageable since you’ll follow the right steps and avoid pitfalls that could drag the process.

To file for divorce in Texas without a lawyer is a great way to save money, it won’t hurt if you seek consultation. Through the consultation, you can gain some insights to help you follow the right strategy and make the process smoother.

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