Truck Accident
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Dealing With an Insurance Company After a Truck Accident: What You Need to Know

Insurance companies are used to make sure no one has to pay out of pocket for expenses if they’re in a truck accident. Since medical bills alone can be thousands of dollars or more, the expenses from a car accident can quickly become too much to pay without help.

Insurance companies are expected to provide that help, but that doesn’t always mean it’s easy to receive enough money to cover all of the accident-related expenses. Instead, it’s important to understand how insurance companies work and what can be done to obtain an appropriate settlement.

Calling an Attorney is Always a Good Idea

The Importance Of Truck Accident Reconstruction

If someone is involved in a car accident, they need an injury attorney to handle the insurance companies. This is not something that should be done alone because there is a lot that can go wrong. When things go wrong, it’s possible for the person to receive a low settlement that doesn’t cover all accident-related expenses. Even worse, it’s possible to be denied a settlement completely or end up missing important deadlines and no longer being able to receive a settlement. Once a settlement is received or deadlines have passed, it’s too late.

Insurance Companies Always Try to Minimize Payouts

Insurance companies work hard to minimize the amount of money they payout. They’re not going to make money by paying the full amount for every car accident that happens, so they’re going to try to minimize how much they spend. For the person injured in an accident, this likely means the settlement they can receive is not going to cover things like future medical costs, lost wages, rental vehicles, and other expenses.

Truck Accident

Insurance Companies Look to Deny Liability

Insurance companies will try to deny liability if possible. Sometimes, it can be difficult to prove liability in a car accident. It’s also possible for liability to be denied because the person inadvertently said something that can make it seem like they were at least partially liable. If the insurance company denies liability, the person won’t receive any settlement.

Insurance Companies Look for Ways to Deny Payouts

Even if liability is not an issue, insurance companies will look for ways to deny a payout. They may try to claim that the liable driver was uninsured at the time, state that there are limits on how much they can payout, or that certain expenses cannot be covered through insurance.

Insurance Companies Have Their Own Lawyers

Even if there is no question of liability and the payout isn’t denied outright, the insurance company will have its own team of lawyers who are experienced in negotiation strategies. The average person isn’t going to have much luck trying to negotiate a higher settlement from the insurance company without a lawyer on their side. This can lead to the person accepting a settlement that isn’t large enough to cover all expenses.

Consult a Truck Accident Lawyer

If you’re injured in a car accident, take the time to talk to a lawyer about your case today. The insurance companies are going to try to minimize how much they give you for a settlement or deny a settlement completely, but a lawyer can help you get more money and make sure all of your accident-related expenses are covered.

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