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Tips From A DWI Lawyer Syracuse To Prepare For Your Case

Driving under the influence or DUI refers to the offense or crime of driving a motor vehicle while you’re impaired by alcohol or drugs (prescription or recreational drugs), in which you might potentially cause harm to yourself and other people. 

A DUI conviction could significantly impact not only your finances but also your work and family life. That’s why it’s essential to know the next steps to take after your DUI arrest by hiring a DUI lawyer to fight a DUI case successfully.

In this post, you’ll learn some helpful tips from a Syracuse DWI lawyer on how to prepare for a DUI case.

Hire an Experienced DUI Lawyer

With any criminal case, the best person who can legally prepare you to handle a DUI case is a lawyer. Your DUI attorney will assess your case, so you can decide what plea is better if it’s a “guilty” plea or “not guilty.” Also, your lawyer will help gather and analyze substantial evidence with the help of expert investigators. That’s why it’s important to contact and visit a trusted DUI lawyer to seek legal advice.

Here are some ways that a DUI lawyer can help you:

  • A DUI lawyer can represent you both in criminal court and DMV proceedings for a better outcome of your case.
  • A DUI attorney can help you get more satisfactory results for your DUI case, like a plea bargain or case dismissal. 
  • A DUI lawyer can help minimize the time you need to spend in court because you don’t need to be present for court appearances with private counsel. 

Proper Preparation for Defense 

A part of proper preparation is discussing with your DUI defense lawyer is what plea you should enter. Your lawyer will be reviewing the facts of your DUI case to make the best decision. The next step to a “no contest” or “guilty plea” is sentencing. However, if you decide to enter a “not guilty” plea, you and your lawyer can test the evidence and proceed to a court trial. 

Here’s how a lawyer can help you prepare for a court proceeding: 

  • Review Circumstances: Your DUI lawyer will help you remember the possible reasons why you were pulled over, specifically what the arresting officer stated as the reason why. Most pullovers are a result of disobeying traffic rules or being involved in a road accident or car crash.
  • Review Details of the Incident: An experienced DUI lawyer will be asking you some questions to help you recall all the details of the event. Your lawyer might suggest writing down all the details in a piece of paper or notebook so you won’t miss anything.
  • Prepare All Legal Documents: Your lawyer can help obtain the necessary evidence and legal documents to help you wit your DUI case. While the prosecution would be prepared with the Breathalyzer or blood sample test results, police report, and all other evidence, your lawyer can interview potential witnesses, like passengers or bystanders. Also, your lawyer can seek medical experts to prove that your medical condition could have probably affected the results of these tests.
  • Mock-up Question: An experienced DUI lawyer knows how important a mock-up question is for a more successful case outcome. 

Be Emotionally and Financially Prepared

A DUI arrest can be emotionally stressful. That’s why it’s important to prepare yourself emotionally. With the possibility of spending time in prison, you and your family also need to prepare financially, most especially if you’re the breadwinner of the family. That’s why hiring an experienced DUI lawyer is important, so someone can defend you and even help you pass through the involved emotional turmoil. Also, your lawyer can help speed up the legal process so you can get the best outcome for your case.

The emotional stages associated with a DUI case include shock and denial, fear and remorse, anger, depression, and acceptance of reality. An expert DUI lawyer can refer you to healthcare professionals to help you manage and develop positive coping mechanisms. Your lawyer will explain how the legal process works to properly set your expectations and prepare you to accept the facts and reality of your DUI case eventually.


When preparing for a DUI case, it’s important to seek the legal help of a dependable DUI lawyer right from the start. By doing so, you’ll be in a better position to make major decisions concerning your case, such as what plea to enter. A DUI attorney will help gather strong evidence to help you obtain a plea bargain or possibly case dismissal.


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