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9 Tips for Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

While every divorce case differs depending on the couple, it can be complicated. Children are one of the most significant reasons a divorce becomes challenging as the parents try to figure out who will take care of them. If one parent considers the other unfit to take care of their kids, the case may drag on for a while and even become nasty. If a couple co-owns their home and other joint assets, such as retirement accounts and investments, the divorce process may be complicated because they often prefer splitting everything they own together.

Spousal support, concealed assets or debts, complex assets, and an angry or contesting spouse can also complicate a divorce. However, with the help of an experienced and skilled attorney, divorce negotiations become simpler. This article outlines nine tips for hiring a divorce lawyer.

1. Consider an experienced family law attorney

Hiring a Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can be challenging mainly because of child support and custody, spousal support, property division, and other issues. A skilled family law attorney can offer excellent ideas at the beginning of your divorce on the best course of action, including mediation, court, or negotiation. Since divorces are tough and emotional, your lawyer’s objectivity can come in handy, especially when emotions are running high, helping you make the best decisions.

An experienced family law lawyer will work hard to get you the most favorable divorce settlement agreement. And when trial becomes unavoidable, their advice and family court experience will be helpful as they effectively deal with the opposing counsel. Have you already filed for divorce and feel that your current attorney lacks the relevant experience or isn’t representing your interests as effectively? You can change lawyers in divorce case to ensure proper representation and a successful outcome.

2. Know what you need from a divorce lawyer

To find the right divorce lawyer, you must understand the method that best suits your case and goals. With an appropriate divorce method, determining your divorce case’s development from the beginning to the end becomes easier. You may consider cooperative or collaborative, litigation, or mediation divorce based on your divorce circumstances. For a successful divorce, hire an attorney based on your preferred divorce method. Consider reaching out to a law firm with lawyers experienced in all family law methods for an informative consultation on the way forward.

3. Align your goals with a suitable attorney

Your divorce goals characterize your case’s complexity and the type of experience you require from your lawyer. For instance, a wealthy couple with many assets is more likely to go through a complex divorce because the attorneys must have comprehensive financial experience for a successful case. The divorce may be less complicated if you want a fast divorce procedure or are motivated by your kids’ custody.

4. Get recommendations

Asking for recommendations is an excellent place to begin your divorce lawyer search. An attorney who handles your business’s legal concerns or is well-known and trusted by your friends or family would be a great resource. This is because persons in the legal community are more likely to be familiar with great divorce lawyers in the areas or regions they practice.

Additionally, if you know people who’ve had good experiences with their attorneys or have gone through a divorce, they would be an excellent recommendation resource. Recommendations are a great way to narrow down your divorce lawyer search.

Divorce lawyer

5. Interview at least three divorce lawyers

When researching the ideal attorney for your divorce, shortlist at least the top three from your search. This will make it easier to find a lawyer whose divorce experience, skills, and approach matches your goals. Consider meeting the shortlisted potentials in person to determine your compatibility and whether you share similar morals, values, and ethics.

When interviewing your divorce lawyer, ask them about their family law experience, the number of divorce cases they’ve handled, their success rates, and the divorce methods they have more experience in. Ask all the questions you feel can help you through the selection process.

6. Get references from potential divorce attorneys

Any reputable divorce attorney has success stories to support their experience. So, ask them about the successful cases they have handled. Find out if they’ve handled divorce cases needing property division, child maintenance, and custody expertise. Learn their negotiation strategies and experiences with judges and juries. To find a good divorce lawyer, talk to a potential attorney’s former clients to determine their experiences. The references may be from past clients and legal community colleagues.

7. Choose a focused and supportive lawyer

The right divorce lawyer should be keen on your case while actively supporting your interests. If they make you feel like your case isn’t as important, they aren’t a good fit for you. Considering how emotional and difficult divorce can be, ensure your attorney is understanding and supportive.

An excellent divorce attorney should take the time to understand your issues and help you navigate the legal procedure. They’ll also advise you on dealing with the divorce’s emotional aspects. A good divorce lawyer will ensure that your rights are safeguarded throughout the divorce proceedings.

8. Consider a potential lawyer’s professionalism

Professionalism is an essential factor to consider when looking for a divorce lawyer. They should be equipped with excellent tactics to guide you through the divorce case battle. They should safeguard your best interests and represent you ethically. Stay away from lawyers whose fee is less than average or who make exaggerated claims. An attorney who promises victory in the initial meeting isn’t a good choice since your divorce case could be subject to various legal timelines and procedures.

Since each case is distinct, no attorney should guarantee your divorce’s outcome. Partner with a realistic, skilled, and honest lawyer to fight your case because they’ll have your best interests at heart.

Family Law and Divorce

9. Ensure proper communication

Effective communication between you and your attorney during the divorce proceedings is key to the success of your case. You should be able to reach them quickly via the agreed means, including calls, messages, and emails. They should fit you into their schedule without issues if you need in-person meetings. When interviewing your attorney, agree on how you’ll communicate throughout the divorce case to reach an agreeable settlement and resolve issues.


Divorce cases can be complicated, necessitating the need for an attorney. Follow these tips when hiring a divorce lawyer.


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