Personal Injury Settlement
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Tips For Getting The Best Personal Injury Settlement

Accidental injuries can be fatal and result in mild to severe damage. If you suffer an injury or damage due to another person or company’s fault, it is considered to be a personal injury and you can claim damages resulting from your injury by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

For example, if you suffer a workplace accident, you can hold your employer liable for ignorance or negligence of employee / work safety norms and standards. In such a scenario, the person or entity at fault will have to compensate for all of your medical coverage and pay you an average wage for the days you have to miss work due to your injury. That being said, things can get complicated if you suffer a permanent disability or are left with no future job prospects as a result of your injury. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you present your case, claim your worker’s compensation to recover your loss, and ensure you receive all additional benefits you are entitled to, in case of permanent disability.

Through some research, we found that the Indianapolis-based personal injury lawyers, such as the attorneys at CGG Law Firm, frequently deal with cases related, but not limited to the following:

  • Car Accidents
  • Slip & Fall Incidents
  • Truck Accidents
  • Animal Attacks
  • Wrongful Death
  • Truck Accidents
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Construction Site Negligence
  • Poorly Maintained Property

What Can You Do?

File A Personal Injury Lawsuit

The formal way to claim for your damage or loss in a personal injury is to hire a personal injury lawyer and have them make a claim on your behalf that the other person or company is responsible for the damages or losses you are experiencing by filing a lawsuit. The party that is at fault can be an individual, an organization, a business, or even your employer. Valid evidence plays a vital role in these cases to prove your damage and help justify the claims you’re making.

Negotiate A Settlement

Another alternative approach to claim your compensation outside the court is to settle for a deal with the defaulting party. A settlement would require you to negotiate with the other person and conclude a written agreement that both parties agree to.

Maximize Your Compensation In A Settlement!

The chances of you opting for a settlement are higher than filing a lawsuit. A settlement outside the court can save both time and money. However, if you opt for a settlement, the other person may not approve of paying for all your damage or may end up offering you a deal that is less than what you desire.

As no legalities are involved in a settlement, it can be difficult for you to get hold of the case and claim your damages appropriately. You can avoid this pitfall by analyzing your situation and understanding the aspects that you can control to get the upper hand in the negotiation. Here are some tips for you to consider to maximize your compensation for the full recovery of your damage.

Plan Before You Proceed

Get a bottom-line price in your head. Analyze your damage and set a figure that would recover it completely. This helps you start the base of your negotiation, and you’ll have a better chance to close a deal near your desired value.

Offer A Higher Amount

It is obvious the other person will try to negotiate and ask you to come to a lower price than your offered price. So, it is best to start with a higher price and then eventually lower the amount in the negotiation process. Make sure you do not end up coming down to a price lower than your damage’s recovery.

Listen To The Adjuster

Before jumping to any conclusions, first, listen to what the other adjuster has to offer. If they provide a meager amount, do not panic. Instead, take down the critical information mentioned by them to justify the low amount and then counter approach them with your facts and figures. This will show them that you are well aware of your damage and its cost, and no negotiation tactics will defer you from it.

Justify Your Damage

If the other party comes across to be rigid during the negotiation, it is best to justify your claim by making them aware of all your damage and loss. It can be damage to your vehicle, property, or emotional loss. Let them know how their ignorance has affected you, and do not forget to mention any future loss that you may suffer because of the accident.

Keep Evidence Handy

Even if you are opting for a settlement instead of a lawsuit, do not let go of your evidence. Keep all your medical reports, vehicle reports, photos, and videos in place with you. Evidence is crucial as it can help you prove your allegations in case the other person denies or refuses to accept it.

Get A Written Agreement

After both parties deduce to a settlement, make sure there is a written agreement for the same. This keeps the defaulter from stepping back from paying the whole amount, and you file a lawsuit against them in case of failure of payment.

Hire A Professional!

The most crucial factor that influences the outcome of your settlement or lawsuit is the experience and effectiveness of your lawyer.  Your attorney can help you settle a deal that best suits you when a lawsuit is not the correct plan of action and they will keep you away from any false allegations condemned by the defaulting party.  Experienced attorneys can help you identify your legal rights and communicate with the other person’s legal representative in an effort to reach an agreement that is suitable to both parties.  Experienced legal representation often times diminishes your chances of settling for an unfair amount and ensures that all your damage is recovered.

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