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5 Tips for Choosing Appropriate Legal Translation Service

Many people use random translation services to bridge the language gap or to do some small translations around their webpage. However, when the case is more complex or more specific, it’s crucial to find a highly competent and reliable specialist that knows a lot about the industry and seamlessly provides an excellent translation service.

Some niches require a very specific terminology, which is why you need to look for an appropriate, industry-leading company. Imagine a medical translation is necessary. You need to look for well-reviewed medical translation services provided by experts familiar with very complicated medical and pharmaceutical terminology.

The same thing applies to legal translation services. This sector should always be highly specialized and provide the best standards because an inadequate translation can have severe consequences for the clients, law firms, the company’s image, and interested parties. Below, you can find tips for choosing a reliable legal translation company.

Legal Background

There is an important thing when it comes to legal translation services. This area is so demanding that there is no room for any mistakes. Knowing the language and legal terminology is not enough. In this case, technical proficiency is crucial.

The point for legal translators is not only to understand the meaning of the words on the document but also the purpose of the laws the terms represent. Also, a person who’s going to do the translation needs to be fully aware of the legal effect of it in a particular country.

That’s why you should make sure your translation project will be in good hands before you assign it. Check the person’s resume or interpreter’s expertise, or choose a certified legal translation business. Trusting an unqualified person is a significant risk that may cost you a lot.


Another thing that matters is the policy of the translation agency you’re going to work with. Even though you may not know much about the law and legal services, you should take care of your business and choose a company that ensures the confidentiality of your documents.

You should ask them where they store your legal documents, as well as what kind of agreements do the translation office sign with the translators, interpreters, and editors. Questions like “Does the provider sign nondisclosure agreements for special projects? Are they insured?” are essential for your safety and peace of mind.

Certified Legal Translation

If a very significant document has to be translated, keep in mind that you may need a certified company for that. Some agencies, such as the United States Immigration or Citizenship Services (USCIS) require a certificate stating that the translation is accurate.

Courts and Government Departments, for instance, require proof that translation services are reliable. The translation sector is unregulated, which means anybody can claim that their translations’ quality meets the requirements. Therefore, a certified translation from a reputable provider is a must.

It’s hard to rely on a freelancer or a random all-translations-possible provider in this case. A translation company and its employees should belong to the Association of Translation Companies (ATC), which operates a strict code of professional conduct for its members.

Before assigning the task to someone, double-check if they are qualified to take care of that. In some cases, such a certified translation experience is not needed. However, it doesn’t hurt to do a little research about it.

Law in The Targeted Country

An excellent legal translator should know not only the legal system of their country but also of the country you target.

The translator must be able to translate the legal terminology very precisely between two different languages to keep the correct meaning. And this is not such a piece of cake. In order to provide a high-quality service, the translator should understand the legal system in both countries.

It’s essential to know that different language has a different law, vocabulary, and legal terminology. When translating between the two countries, the legal terms are most likely not to have precise equivalents. That’s why leaning on translation experts is vital to make sure the documents are handled correctly.

Specific Field

As mentioned before, translation services that specialize in everything are not the ones you should rely on. This subject matter is so important that it’s better to look for a smaller business that is qualified in the legal translation field and has broad experience in it.

Having a poor quality interpretation can seriously get you into trouble. Go for the highest standard that fully understands the legal terms in the language you want.

The Bottom Line

Language translation services in the legal industry are a very specific matter. When looking for a translator, you should keep in mind the importance of a 100% accurate translation. This industry is too demanding to allow for making mistakes. In order to avoid financial or legal punishment, choose certified services with the highest standards and employees with a real legal background. Hopefully, the tips listed above will help you make the right choice. Trust the professionals and enjoy your peace in mind.

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