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5 Important Tips for Building an Attorney Website That Impresses Clients

As an attorney, you don’t want a site that clients will visit, get bored, and leave immediately. Instead, you want them to hit the “Schedule a Consultation” button on your platform and stay in contact just in case they need your services in the future.

While creating an attractive attorney website may not be akin to rocket science, it requires careful thought and planning to design one that impresses visitors and ranks well on search engines. Your website should give visitors a good sense of who you are together with the information they need to contact you.

Tips to Create an Attorney Website to Get New Clients

Whether you are establishing your online presence or need to improve your current site, these five tips for building an attorney website would be helpful.

1. Make the Navigation User-Friendly

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Ease of navigation in a website is one of the significant factors that will make visitors stay on or leave your website, so ensure it’s super user-friendly. Organize your main navigation to make it easy for users to find the information they need with a simple click.

Also, avoid cluttering your site with lots of links that have little or no relevance. Additionally, ensure all your links are easy to find and located in your site’s logical area.

Lastly, make your primary call-to-action stand out. If you bury it in a sea of other links, visitors will unlikely click on it.

2. Include Links to Your Social Media Profiles

Including social media links to your site is a great way to grow its virality. Allowing visitors to connect with you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or other platforms is essential for a few reasons.

One, it will show potential clients that you’re active and engaged online and updated with the latest trends. Visitors will get a quick way to follow, like, and comment on the content that you share frequently.

Secondly, it can help you build relationships with people from all corners and referral sources. You’ll also be able to track your user engagement and reach of your posts by seeing who commented, liked, or shared your posts.

When designing your website, place the social media buttons where visitors can easily see and click on them.

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3. Add a Client Testimonial Section

A testimonial section is a must-have for any attorney website as it helps build trust with potential clients and showcases your abilities to get them the best results.

Testimonials display positive feedback about your law firm from past clients. If you don’t have them yet, consider asking some happy clients if they would be willing to write a few words about their experience working with you.

For an effective testimonial section, choose diverse clients based on race, gender, age, and profession. Moreover, use detailed and specific quotes instead of vague statements that don’t carry much weight.

4. Consider Downloadable PDF Brochures

Your attorney website should be super informative and provide potential clients with an overview of your practice areas and what you can do for them. Adding downloadable PDF brochures is a great way to provide this information in a format that is easy to read and digest.

Plus, PDFs can be easily shared, so potential clients can pass your information to their friends and family.

PDF brochures are easy to create, especially with the help of tools like PDFSimpli, which also allows you to edit PDF online effortlessly.

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5. Update Your Bios

Your bios are one of the first places visitors will look to learn more about you and your firm. So, keep them up-to-date, accurate, and free of typos.

As a rule of thumb, make changes to your bios every three months. Talk about your latest success and accomplishments to give your prospects a clue of what they may gain by hiring you.

Since bios get a lot of attention, they can be a great place to include buzzwords and keywords. This can be an excellent way to show that your site is an authority in a specific niche on search engines.

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