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Don’t Get Taken for a Ride: Tips and Tricks on How to Hire a Bail Bondsman

Did you know that at least 4.9 million people are arrested and booked in jail every year? With so many people going through this situation you might know someone dealing with an arrest right now. If you are considering hiring a bail bondsman, we have some tips for you.

Keep reading to learn more about how to find a bail bondsman and questions you want to make sure you ask


You always want to make sure that you are not dealing with a shady company. You have the right to ask a bondsman to let you see their license. Believe it or not, there are some companies that try to operate without a license to avoid fees and extra regulations.

If you end up doing business with someone that does not have a license you can become a victim of a bail bond scam and it will be difficult to see recourse. A reputable company like will have no problem showing you their license.

You also want to double-check with your state’s licensing agency to make sure that the bondsman does not have a suspended license, restricted license, or any complaints.


Something else you want to know upfront is their fees. Every state has a different requirement by law on the minimum percentage they can charge. If a state has a minimum 10% fee and the bondsman is offering you a lower fee, this is a red flag.

Although you might be enticed to do business with them because they are offering a lower rate, they are breaking the law. More than likely, they are not reputable and are shady.


You always want to ask for a written contract before handing money over to a bondsman. The contract should outline the bail amount, fees, payment schedule, and payment terms. The contract should also include how much you would owe if the defendant fails to show up in court.

You do not want to be victimized by a bail bondsman because you didn’t have a contract with everything you were told in writing.

Soliciting in Jail

Most states do not allow bail bondsmen to offer bail services from jail. If you find a bondsman because they were soliciting in jail then they are probably ignoring and breaking the law. They risk losing their license and facing jail time themselves.

Definitely not someone you want to do business with.

Ready to Find a Reputable Bondsman?

Now that you know more about hiring a bail bondsman you can help your friend or loved one out during these trying times. An arrest in itself is scary and overwhelming, the last thing you need is to hire a bondsman that is not helpful. The goal is to find someone that is reputable and is able to get your loved one or friend out of jail as quickly as possible.

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