Working as a Paralegal
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4 Things to Know about Working as a Paralegal

Entering a paralegal career could sound like a quicker way to get into the legal industry than working as an attorney. However, before jumping into the process, you may want to get more specific information on what the job may look like. Considering all the angles can help you decide if working as a paralegal will put you where you want to be. There are several things to understand about the career to see if it is for you.

Facts About Building A Career As A Paralegal

There Are Options For Getting Started

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There is not one universally accepted way of getting into the industry. Some states might ask you to get certified, but there are plenty of other ways you could get this type of work. You can take a certificate program or even get training while on the job. Still, if you want to put yourself ahead of the other applicants, you may want to get your bachelor’s degree in a field related to the industry. If you are thinking about getting your degree, you can find scholarships for college to make your degree more affordable, in addition to student loans or paying out of pocket.

You May Do A Variety Of Work

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One of the benefits of finding a rewarding career as a paralegal is that you will get to experience a wide range of tasks. To be successful, you will need to have a good understanding of what your role will look like in assisting attorneys and clients. Great paralegals understand clients may be challenged with a certain aspect of their lives, whether it is bankruptcy, divorce, immigration, or another situation. You will need to be a great communicator. There is no usual workday in this industry because of how many different hats you will have to wear. Because of the wide variety of work, you may find yourself needing to work hours other than normal business hours. If there is a deadline to meet or you are getting ready for a trial, you may need to stay at work however long it takes you to get ready for that deadline.

Work Requires You To Be Detail-Oriented

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All legal professionals need to be able to pay attention to even the smallest details in a case. Staying organized can make your job a bit easier. As a paralegal, you will need to be involved in the entire process, from start to finish. You will be working with contracts, correspondence, and pleadings, and it will be your job to make sure all documents have been checked before going out the door.

You Will Need To Be A Problem-Solver

Being a great problem-solver is a huge part of working as a paralegal, and you may be drawn to the industry because you are interested in research. You might need to file paperwork, find records or documents, and interview the parties in a legal case. Depending on the field of law you go into, the work can be exciting. You may need to research what happened during a client’s accident, and that can require watching video footage or looking at pictures.

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