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What Should You Expect When You Hire A Lawyer For Your Insurance Claim?

There’s nothing simple about making a home insurance claim, and the more significant the damage, the more important it is that your claim is both successful and provides you with sufficient funds to recover without paying too much out of pocket.

For major claims, getting the help of a lawyer can make a substantial difference. What should you expect when you enlist the help of an insurance lawyer?

Things To Expect When Hiring A Lawyer For Insurance Claim

The Insurance Adjuster Vs. A Lawyer


When you file a claim, the insurance company assigns an insurance adjuster to your file. They may be an independent insurance adjuster or a direct employee of the insurance company. Either way, the insurance company is the one paying them. It’s their job to evaluate the extent of your losses and recommend how much the insurance company should payout. Even independent adjusters may have a motivation to limit the insurance company’s expenses, as they likely want to continue to get work from the company.

The difference between an insurance adjuster and a lawyer is that the adjuster isn’t looking out for your best interests. When you hire a lawyer, they make sure that you get a fair and fulsome payout from the insurer.

A lawyer can review the details of your policy and apply their knowledge of the insurance industry and legal cases about insurance claims in order to get you a fair settlement. A lawyer’s goal is to improve your claim while attempting to avoid a formal dispute.

Reduce The Stress Of A Claim

Steps to Dispute a Car Insurance Claim

A house fire is a stressful experience, and the recovery afterward should be your focus. It will take you time to adjust emotionally to the relocation, but your insurance claim can’t wait.

An insurance lawyer can relieve some of the stress that comes with your claim. They communicate with the adjuster for you, deal with paperwork and deadlines, explain every part of the process, and help you meet your responsibilities so that the process stays on track.

Help With A Complicated Process

Insurance claims are complicated enough on their own, but when a third party becomes involved, it can reach new levels of complexity that most homeowners aren’t capable of handling on their own.

Several issues arise if your home is affected by a fire that began on a neighbor’s property. If the neighbor was personally liable for the fire starting through carelessness or neglect, they could be pursued for damages. In most cases, the insurance company will settle your claim with you and subsequently pursue the third party themselves, but you may also be able to sue for costs not covered by the insurance claim.

Help After The Insurer’s Initial Offer

You may Encounter Insurance Complications

One of the most common reasons for hiring an insurance lawyer is that the insurer’s initial offer for a payout doesn’t seem like enough to recover properly. Homeowners know that they need enough funds to rebuild without paying out of pocket, but they need help negotiating with the insurance company.

While a lawyer can help if you call in the early stages of the process, they can also intercede and help you negotiate if you feel the insurer hasn’t made you a fair offer.

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